Life is a Rollercoaster

Click, click, click… you feel your seat tilt back as you head up the incline. Anticipation builds as you know what is coming. Your heart is pounding with expectation. Some people start talking trying to break their tension, others sit staring quietly. The feeling of expectation is almost palatable. As you reach the rise the people quiet, everyone knows what is coming… and then you drop.


Some people say life is like a rollercoaster and I personally believe this is true. Many people drone through life with nothing fun or exciting to anticipate but this is not how I choose to live. I may not have something exciting to look forward to every week but there is always something on the horizon. Whether it is a simple weekend road trip or a family vacation to Vegas, it could be an expectation of nice weather that would lend to a weekend of geocaching or hiking or in the summer kayaking or just going for a drive with the roof off and the wind blowing through my hair. I find when I go for any extended period without something to look forward to that my life becomes more of a carousel then a rollercoaster and I really prefer rollercoasters. *grin*


We love to travel. Several years ago we took an extended vacation road trip that took us through 10 states and it was a truly life changing experience. We have both known at some point in our lives we would buy an RV and travel around the countryside (and cityside too). After many changes in both of our lives and different paths leading us to where we are, it seems like the time is coming that this will be a reality. I can hear the clicking of the coaster. I can feel gravity pulling me back against my seat. Time is coming and I am eager to feel the top of the rise and the heart rushing drop on the other side.




3 thoughts on “Life is a Rollercoaster

  1. I met you at Brandi’s office and remembered your website. I was all excited to live vicariously through your adventures and no blog since June. No pressure. ;-) I hope all is well and you enjoy your adventure.


  2. Sunny: I am back up and running. I had been trying to figure out how to do a Year Long catch up and decided it will have to wait. Today I posted my newest adventure. :-) Hope you enjoy!

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