My Giant Killer

So I do not relate everything in my life to something theme park… sometimes it is a cartoon. LOL A few weeks ago Bill and I were staying on a farm with friends (Char and Forrest) in Eastern Washington. While there we were having a fly infestation. Char and Forrest have an electronic fly swatter that works wonders since you don’t end up with fly guts wherever you caught them. I had found this to be a very useful tool and one of the nights we were staying there we were playing cards and the flies were a buzzing. Bill and Forrest were taking turns attacking the flies with the swatter. At one point Bill hollers “I got 3 with one swipe.” My brain pops on a memory of an old Mickey Mouse cartoon “The Brave Little Tailor”. In the story Mickey Mouse is a tailor and there are flies annoying him to no end. Unbeknownst to him the whole town is a buzz with news of a giant that is terrorizing the area. Mickey grabs his 2 fly swatters one in each hand and proceeds to kill 7 flies with 1 blow. He pokes his head out the window of his shop and shouts that he killed 7 with 1 blow and all the town assumes he is talking about giants and send poor Mickey off to handle the giant.

With this I have now named Bill: The Giant Killer. Hehe

3 with 1 blow… the record so far.
The Brave Little Tailor

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