Moving In

I have never moved and unpacked all my boxes in a short period of time. Generally I will pile them in a corner and unpack them, as I need things. Moving into the RV this is not an option. We have spent the last 5 years getting rid of things and boy I had no idea how much was going to have to go. LOL Goodwill is my biggest fan. They have received completely working computers, monitors, full sheet sets, pillows, fans, etc. This is all after friends and family picked through and took what they wanted. Gobs of stuff, Halloween costumes from years past, all manner of goodies that I just cannot justify keeping. Every box must be gone through and repacked. We have 3 areas. We have boxes to be unpacked for stuff we will have in the RV. We have boxes to repack and put in the basement (storage under the RV) and a small amount of boxes to go into storage of things we do not need but just can not justify getting rid of. So over the course of the last month I have touched everything in the world that I own. For those of you that live in houses and have been there for years stop and think about how long it would take you to do this.

Every book, every towel, every utensil, every piece of jewelry, every dish, every article of clothing it all had to be gone through and placed where it will belong. This is a daunting task even when you have been doing this over and over for years. Narrowing down again and again what things to keep and what to toss, what to donate and what to recycle. No box left unopened. 6 years ago when I moved to Seattle I moved with 15 boxes and 2 cats; it is amazing what you can accumulate in a short period of time. Not to mention the amount of stuff Bill had after 20 years in the Maple Valley house. We combined 2 households into a massive empty house and now we have to move all those belonging that we want to keep into a 40-foot block of a moving house. LOL The one thing I can say is… I AM NOT giving up any of my DVDs. LOL I shrank them down but I will not get rid of them. They will just have to fit… somewhere…

One thought on “Moving In

  1. Been there, done that…more than once. LOL! I sold my house & everything in it only to have the buyer back out. Ended up getting a job, taking it off the market, rebuying everything only to sell it 9 months later and move into my RV (Class C).

    Then I met my now husband who had already combined two RV’s into one (one was stationary). I ended up storing mine and shipping him almost 50 boxes of my stuff. Since then we have sold two more RVs and gotten rid of a ton of stuff in our present one.

    You’ll make it…honest! LOL!!

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