Interior Designer I am not…

Neither Bill nor I care a whole lot about decorating our homes much more than a nice duvet on the bed. You could ask our real estate agent or the lovely Lisa, our house stager, we have no talent for it. LOL In the RV we have a stone tile floor through the entry, kitchen, living area, and bathroom with carpet only in the bedroom. This is the cause of cold feet. I am sure when we are in warmer weather we will be happier having the tile but knowing we will be staying in areas where it will be cold I knew we had to get a carpet for the living area and a couple small rugs for the bathroom and hall. While running around we saw there was a tent with rugs on sale in front of Home Depot so we went home and measured and went to find a 5×8 rug to help in the living area. We got to the tent and all the rugs were kinda blah… nothing hit me. When I asked Bill for his opinion he pulled a typical male, “I don’t care.” So I kept showing him other rugs and he just didn’t care and I didn’t see anything I liked. We gave up and went over to Fred Meyer to pick up a few more organizing containers and I went to look at their rugs. As I went through them I found one I didn’t hate and Bill still saying he didn’t care I went to see if they had it in stock. Luckily they were sold out. I went back and continued through the hanging rugs looking when I spotted it… Bill and I both love color. For those that don’t know we have a “Detonator Yellow” Jeep. We are both drawn to things that are bright (kinda like moths). I knew on sight I loved this rug but most sane people would hate it so I didn’t assume Bill would like it and with my frustration rising with his “I don’t care” attitude I wasn’t looking for excitement from the man. He walks over to look at it and he liked it… no longer did he “Not care”. We go over and look in the rack and there is no rug. Bill goes to the customer phone to ask someone to come back and help us. The lovely lady comes back and tells us she will check in back but since it is on clearance it is unlikely to be back there. Bill and I stood there hoping that might have one. The lady comes back carrying my rug. I was so excited. It was on sale $20 off the original price and I thought I had a great deal. We get to the register and find out it is an ADDITIONAL 40% off. So our $120 rug cost us a mere $60. Not only do I love the obnoxiously colorful rug but I truly loved the price. :-D

Once I find my camera and get things cleaned up I will post a picture of the rug. :-)

2 thoughts on “Interior Designer I am not…

  1. So glad you found a rug for your tootsies! Can’t wait to see pictures. I like bright colors too…my kitchen in one of our homes was bright lemony yellow! People hated it but I loved it! Hmm..maybe I should think of doing some painting/wallpapering in our rig.

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