Home is where you park it

Last Friday we left the RV at the dealer in Eugene and went on a little road trip for a few days. We planned to spend a few days visiting the area from Tillamook to Florence and then return to Eugene. Since the refrigerator has been pulled out of the cabinet and hanging out in the middle of the living room until it gets fixed we were not able to take the RV so we planned on  spending a couple of nights in motels along the way.

We had a great time but Sunday afternoon it was time to head home – and there started the confusion for me.

For almost 20 years I lived in a stick build in Maple Valley that did not move from where it was built, even during an earthquake or  two. This was my home.  Well the kids grew up and times changed. The house in Maple Valley was no longer the right place – and although it took a few years and a lot of pain (and money fixing things) it sold over the summer. 

Leslie and I then moved into a room in the house that her brother was renting – and although it was not really home I soon realized that I still have the feeling of being home because I was in the general area of the Seattle eastside where I had lived for 21 years.  I still went to a number of the same places to shop, eat out, or go to the movies.  We flew to Colorado to purchase our RV and drove it home – to the Seattle area.

After a bit of moving it around – we got the RV parked in a nice RV park in Preston, Washington (Blue Sky RV Park) right off I-90 so we could really move into it.  The moving in took a number of weeks – and quickly the RV really started to feel like home. All my stuff (well not all my stuff – all the stuff that I wanted to keep and that fit) was in it and I would come home from work and feel like I was at home (although I always envisioned a working refrigerator).

And then we left the Seattle area. We stayed outside of Portland for a few days and then headed to Eugene.

When I came back to the RV Sunday night – it felt like I was home in many ways and yet home was not in the right place and that was strange.  And yet it is exactly what I want – I want not be in the same place all the time, I want to travel and experience and see all areas of the country.  I am starting to understand the saying “Home is where we park it”.

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