A New Fridge

The last week has been a little crazy. We finally had a repairman come in to replace the compressor on our fridge only to find out the fridge is dead and must be replaced… well there goes $1,000 out the window (literally)… sigh. We went shopping to see how long we would have to wait for a new fridge if we ordered it. The fridge in the RV is a cabinet style and so is not readily available in most stores. We stopped at an appliance store and nothing for at least a week; next we went to Lowe’s. They only have one type of cabinet fridge in stock. Good news it is on sale. Bad news it is back ordered for 2 weeks. Good news it is a Stainless Steel that is ALSO magnetic. More good news we can buy the floor model and it can be delivered Thursday. Bad news Thursday evening. So we go ahead and buy it.

The guys at RV Corral have never replaced a residential refrigerator in an RV before but it can’t be THAT much different than an RV fridge right? Well that actually was true for the most part. The fridge ended up being delivered early afternoon Thursday which was awesome. Since it was not raining the guys decided it would be best to rush the job and get it in while we still had clear skies. A window had to be removed so they could fork lift out the old fridge and then fork lift in the new one. Luckily because it is a residential there is no propane to be attached for cooling the unit. A few minor adjustments to the cabinet front to make it fit perfectly and it went right in. The guys were great and my heroes for FINALLY being able to have a working fridge. 10 weeks without a fridge was far more than I was hoping. The one thing I will say is I do not plan to work with Sears repairs for anything in the future if I can help it. They were the most useless bunch of yahoos I have ever had to deal with… the only exception being Pep Boys…

We finally moved out of the RV Corral’s parking lot and into a pretty little park here in Eugene. The weather has been forecasted for a lot of snow in the mountain passes and so we are hoping to wait it out. The weather is said to be warmer starting Thanksgiving so we figure we will head south after that. While here we are going to be having a new satellite dish installed for Direct TV so we can actually have TV again. I am so out of touch with anything going on. There could have been a zombie apocalypse and I wouldn’t know… well unless my weather radio would have mentioned it.

The best thing about having a new fridge, we are starting over from scratch. There was nothing in it. No old salad dressings you don’t like. No bottles of unidentifiable substances from your last party. Clean crisp fridge with only what I want in it. Excellent!

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  1. Hi leslie and Bill, Glad to hear that the refrigerator is finally in. So true about Sears. We have decided to never shop for any appliances or expensive items with them.

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