Happy Birthday to Me :-)

Today is my birthday. I had hoped to be with friends or further south today but as luck would have it we are still here in Eugene, Oregon. Although on the bright side we will be here ling enough to have our satellite installed so we can finally have TV again. I can’t say I really missed TV much but Bill and I had gotten into a habit of watching Modern Family each week and it makes us laugh and often makes us feel less bad about the tragedies that befall us because the “tragedies” on the show are so much more dramatic. LOL

I am looking forward to having TV back so I can watch more weather channel. In many ways this is a fascination of mine. I used to make fun of my dad because he would sit and watch the weather channel for hours at a time. Little did I know I would become almost as bad as he is about it. Heh Why do I watch the weather channel? Well I love knowing what the weather is like for my friends and family all over the country. I also like to keep up to date on how many layers I should wear tomorrow. I like being prepared and while I know the weather forecasts are pretty consistently wrong I like to think they might be right. Sounds kinda dumb when I put it that way but oh well.

So this morning we dropped the RV off at Camping World in Junction City, Oregon. The guys are going to pull off my old satellite which has a functionality of 50/50… sometimes it might work if the planets were in alignment… and having it replaced with a new Winegard Traveler Satellite which it is my understanding is the best you can get in it’s price range. I guess we will see.

When Bill and I went RV shopping we went with the knowledge that whatever RV you buy you are going to have to put money into it to fix whatever happens to be wrong with it. There is ALWAYS something wrong with it. I have read horror stories or RVs from others which somewhat prepared me for our adventure but as human’s tend to do they think, “Oh that won’t happen to me…” and alas it does. So we have had the RV for 2.5 months and so far we have a new fridge, and are getting a new satellite, with new awnings and a repaired hose soon to be on the way at our next stop. From stories I have read though we are still doing pretty good. Knock on Wood.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Thanksgiving week. My birthday is going to be pretty quiet and I don’t mind a bit. Bill gave me a sweet card and we picked up some pretty flowers for me at Costco. Now we are going to head out to find something called “Divine Cupcakes” yum.

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