The Collector in Me…

I am a collector. It started very young. I don’t know what in my brain makes me a collector. I assume it is where my brother dropped me on my head at about 3 months old. Hehe In moving into an RV you have to find something to collect that is not going to take over the RV space and also your money since right now there is no money flowing in. EEK! Many years ago I started collecting magnets from new places I have visited. This continued on when I met Bill and so many of the magnets are things we have experienced together. When we moved into the RV our fridge was not magnetic and this made me very sad. I have dozens of magnets from all over the country and nowhere to put them. Fate being what it is we ended up having to replace the fridge; when we did so the new one is magnetic. Yippee.

I hauled out my box of magnets and started placing them up. There is a magnet from when Bill and I went to see Shrek the Musical. There are many magnets from our 3 week road trip from a few years ago. There are magnets from our adventure on the Spirit of Washington dinner train before it shut down, a magnet from a day at the Woodland Park Zoo for a good friends birthday. Many magnets. I decided since this is Bill and my first real fridge together that all of the magnets will be ones we have experienced together.

Our first new magnet since we got in the RV was Tillamook from the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

The second was Donald Duck but as the University of Oregon Duck since we truly experienced Eugene, OR while we were there.

The latest addition to our collection is the Olive Pit’s Olive You. Bill loves olives as you may have heard and Corning, California has been an experience in olives and the making of olive oil.

Lesson learned today: All olives are green. The ones that are black or “purple” are the fully ripe olives that are allowed to fully ripen on the tree. Many places say that for the highest amount of oil from an olive you want them to be at least 50%-60% purple before being picked.

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