Brag Map

We finally bought what most people call a “Brag” Map. It is a map of the USA that has stickers you can add as you travel through them. We decided not to start it when we picked up the RV in Colorado since we were not completely off. So many different people have many different sets of rules on how you get to put a sticker on your map. Some people just drive into the state; some say you need to stay the night while others have all sorts of variants (including making whoopee LOL). Bill and I sat down and discussed our options and we agreed we would only get a sticker if we Experienced the state. To Experience a state can mean many different things, it can mean we went to a landmark, or eaten at a famous restaurant, but it must be something unique to that state. Once we were back in Seattle we had plenty of time to experience it. We went to the Mennonite Auction in Moses Lake, we went to the waterfront and walked in the sculpture garden, spent some time in Pike Place, and I guess you could say Bill EXPERIENCED Microsoft. LOL So we got to add Washington to our map.

Moving on to this week we have had an issue getting our refrigerator fixed and instead of being done last Thursday it won’t be done until, hopefully, this Tuesday. Since we had a few days to kill we decided we would go experience Oregon. What better way to do that than to go eat cheese? Any state I can experience by eating their local cheese is going to be a happy time for both Bill and I. So we drove up for the weekend to Tillamook, Oregon and we went on the tour of the Tillamook Cheese Factory and had cheese samples. We then went down the street to the Blue Heron Cheese place where they have samples of cheeses from around the world and a petting zoo. We had a nice cheese and fruit plate with salami for lunch there. We were sad to see that they do not actually make their Brie cheese on site but enjoyed the lunch.

After we were done in Tillamook we drove down the coast on 101 and stopped for a nights stay in Newport. Tomorrow we will be spending the day around here and then driving down to Florence then back to Eugene. I think I can say we have experienced Oregon. Yay… another sticker!

Heading South

I am sorry for the lack of posts. So today is Monday. Last Friday we finally finished packing up the RV and got moving. We left the Blue Sky RV Park at around 10:30 and ran over to my old job to show my ex-coworkers the rig. They came in and walked around. I was glad to share it with them. We then headed south to Vancouver. Our friends, Charlotte and Forrest, are staying there this weekend and it is close enough to Portland to see Bill’s daughter, Lex, before we head further south.

We have had a great time in Vancouver. Lex had seen the RV but a few of her friends wanted to come see it. Flint, one of Lex’s friends from college that has become part of the family, came by and we played games all night Saturday and Sunday. Disney Cranium is hysterical fun and you don’t have to be an expert to play.

We also stopped by a few of our Portland favorites for food. The Grilled Cheese Grill is always a great place with different kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. For the truly hungry people there is a cheeseburger slapped between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Crazy. The next day we had Otto’s Sausage, a Portland favorite, and Voodoo Doughnuts for some excessive sugar. If my Nutritionist is reading this she might want to cry now. LOL

Our friends are heading out with their RV today and Bill and I will be heading out tomorrow but are hoping to meet up later in the month further south. We shall see how everything goes for Thanksgiving. This will be our first holiday season on the road. I am hoping we won’t miss having the whole family together too much.