From London to Burros

We are currently residing in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We had a pretty easy drive here from Pahrump the other day, but once we got here we had to take care of our hot water issue yet again. I think (and hope) we got it fixed so that it lasts now.

Yesterday we spent the day exploring the area. Lake Havasu was established in 1964 by Robert McCulloch as a planned community. In 1967 McCulloch purchased the London Bridge from the City of London and moved it to Lake Havasu as a tourist attraction. Well I guess it worked according to Wikipedia the London Bridge is the second most visited attraction in Arizona behind the Grand Canyon. The stones on the bridge were numbered, taken apart and shipped over to the Lake Havasu City where the bridge was re-assembled on dry land between the city and a peninsula that jutted out into the lake. Once the bridge was completed the land under the bridge was dredged out turning the peninsula into an island. We spent time at the bridge and the area around it and then drove out on to island. The drive around the island was nice and we saw a couple of the miniature lighthouse replicas that have been built. As the day progressed the wind picked up quite a bit due to the storm that was coming into the area. I did get to fly a kite for a few minutes although I was a bit worried that I would be carried away.

London Bridge Lake Havasu AZ

Replica of the Ohio Lighthouse on Lake Erie - Lake Havasu AZ

Today we headed out to rectify an omission from our Route 66 road trip of a few years ago. At the time we lived in the Seattle area and were going to attend a glass convention in Las Vegas. Well of course the best way to get from Seattle to Vegas is by way of Amarillo, TX along Route 66. Since we needed to get to Vegas we drove on Route 66 from Amarillo, TX to Kingman, AZ then went up to Vegas then back down to Barstow, CA after Vegas to continue our travels on Route 66. Well we missed one of the longest stretches of the old Route 66 and the town of Oatman, AZ.
Oatman is a former mining town that according to the 2000 census had a population of 126. Oatman is famous for being on Route 66 and the wild burros that wonder up and down the main street. One does need to be careful of where they step in Oatman.

Burros on Main St Oatman AZ

Lucky (born spring 2010) with his mother

In December Oatman has a Christmas Bush festival. Since there are not many (or any) evergreen trees in the area – the business and residents of Oatman decorate the bushes along the road into town.

Oatman Christmas Bush

Oatman Christmas Bush

We spent a few hours in Oatman feeding the burros and wandering thru the shops and then headed out the other side of town following Route 66 thru some beautiful scenery back to Kingman.

Bill and Leslie a bit confused after spending time in Oatman AZ

Along Rt 66 from Oatman to Kingman

So in the last two days we have visited a small piece of London and feed burros – what could top the day off? Why a nice sunset of course.

Sunset along Rt 40 in Az

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