Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

Christmas in the RV

What does Christmas mean to you? Many people feel like you have to be a specific place or with specific people. Some people I have known really didn’t care who they were with as long as they got the gift they expected. Oy!

To me Christmas was one of the few traditions we had when I was growing up. Santa stopped by my grandma’s house before setting out across the world because he knew we had Christmas on Christmas Eve so the Aunts and Uncles could spend Christmas Day with their spouses families. So every Christmas Eve my parents and us kids would head over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Each year may be different depending on who else showed up but it was always me, my 2 brothers, my parents, my grandparents, my aunt Kathy and my uncle Henry. We would have dinner and after the kids washed all the china and put it back in the china cabinet we would sit down and my aunt would pass out the presents. Once we were older there were too many children for gifts so we started doing “Joke Chirstmas”. Joke Christmas entailed getting together and each person would get a gift or two, generally homemade, that reminded us of something funny that happened during the year. One year my grandpa was watering flowers at my aunt’s plant nursery and when he went to pick a dead blossom off a plant he stuck the hose in his pocket running full blast, that year for Christmas he got an attachment for the end of the hose that had a switch to turn it on and off. In the mid-80s I had a little obsession with earrings, the longer the better, so my aunt and 2 cousins got together and twisted and tied fishing lures, paper clips, beads, and goodness knows what else making me a pair that was about 5 feet long. That year my cousin was at the store and started talking to a mannequin thinking it was a sales person, so for Christmas she got a Barbie doll so she would never be lonely. As we got older my older brother and I would ditch out on all the political chat and head over to see the newest action flick Die Hard, or Lethal Weapon many of the years. These are some of the things I remember most about Christmas. The last 3 years Bill and I have had a very traditional Christmas in the house with all the kids and family. I would cook half the day and we would have stockings and presents on Christmas morning. Last year we even did some Hanukkah traditions from the kids’ and Bill’s past.

This week we sat down to work out where we might be for Christmas. We are still not entirely sure but are thinking it may be Phoenix this year. It will be a very different Christmas but I am happy with where we are going and it has been so much fun so far. We bought a blow up Snoopy on his house decorated for Christmas

and a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree complete with Linus’ blanket that has no chance of losing its needles. Heh

My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Maybe next year we will be back with my grandma who I haven’t seen for Christmas is 7 years.  Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday wherever you choose to be and whomever you choose to be with. For me we will be celebrating with some new friends and some old friends here in Phoenix and our new holiday tradition… Margaritas! Grin. Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season!

Our new Holiday decor

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