Exceedingly Slow Day LOL

If yesterday was slow I don’t know what to call today. Grin

We spent the morning not doing much then went out to the post office to mail a few packages. Afterward we came home and didn’t do much.

We did finally get the manuals for the RV organized. I never saw so many manuals in one place. We have manuals for the fridge, washer and dryer, all 3 TVs, dishwasher, sleep number bed (never had a manual for my BED before LOL) at least a dozen more, and then there are the ones we have for things we brought in. OY! Manuals galore!

Had more Cajun for dinner. Decided we didn’t want to dirty more dishes before we move tomorrow. Initially we were going to get to New Orleans today but when I called an RV park we wanted to stay in they were full but had availability tomorrow so we decided to hang out here another night. A little more Crawfish Etouffee won’t hurt anyone. :-D

So tomorrow we are off to New Orleans. We will be there a week or so and then finally headed down to Orlando to see my darling niece. It is hard to believe she is nearly 3 months old! I cannot wait to love on her. Grin! Happy Monday all!

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