Travel and the French Quarter

Yesterday we moved things around in Serenity, pulled the slides in and continued our trip east.  We had an easy travel day since we were only going about 140 miles down the road to New Orleans.  After we got set up in our new RV park we headed out to grab some dinner. 

We used a Groupon we purchased a few days ago knowing we would be in New Orleans. This Groupon  gave us $30 of food at a local restaurant for only $15. If you have never heard of Groupon it is a very useful site ( Basically they run a deal in a good number of cities across the US. Generally the deal will save you somewhere between 50 and 90 percent. The deals are for everything from food to tours, spa visits, dental care, and all kinds of things.  If you would like to sign up for Groupon you can use this link ( and we will get a credit off a future purchase.

After dinner we figured we needed a little dessert. Since we are in New Orleans what better dessert than beignets. And if you are in New Orleans the place to go for beignets is Café Du Monde. The beignets were piled high with powdered sugar and were wonderful.

Cafe Du Monde New Orleans


Since we were in the French Quarter we wandered around some, but it was a bit cold with the wind so we returned home.

Today we went back down to the French Quarter to wander around some more. We wandered around and walked along the Mississippi River for a couple of hours. One thing that really stood out was the wrought iron railings on the various balconies.

Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought Iron Railings

While we were down in the French Quarter we went thru a museum that detailed New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina Later in the day we were searching for a Post Office and drove through an a  section of New Orleans that must of have been hit kind of hard. There were office buildings that were empty and missing parts of walls, and houses that were boarded up and missing parts of their roofs.  It was really eye opening.

Tomorrow more touring of the area.

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