The City of New Orleans

Today Bill and I took a tour of the City and a Cemetery here in New Orleans. The driver was our guide and he has lived here nearly 35 years so we got an in-depth view of things for many years prior and post-Katrina. It was an informative tour… In some ways too informative. :-P

Bill had never been to a cemetery with crypts and so I think he was fascinated by it. The best thing that came from our tour was the location of a Cuban restaurant in the French Quarter that became our dinner spot. Initially we thought the tour was 2.5 hours and we planned to come home for dinner but the tour ended up being close to 4 hours which left us starving. We hopped on over to the Cuban restaurant that the driver promised was the best Cuban East of Miami. A bold claim I looked forward to testing. We both had Cuban sandwiches and they were fabulous. There is a restaurant in Seattle that CLAIMS to be Cuban food but from what they serve I doubt they have ever HAD Cuban food. This was a beautiful sandwich.

We had had Muffaletta for lunch and Bill may have a new favorite. It may have been the Olive and vegetable marinated mix on the tasty Sicilian meats and cheeses.

The best thing I have enjoyed here is the food. Crawfish Etouffee, The po-boys, the muffaletta. Just great food all around.

2 thoughts on “The City of New Orleans

  1. You may have to change the name of your blog to something about “eating your way across the country!”
    I envy your ability to find wonderful places to eat!

  2. It is not hard to find fabulous places to eat… it is hard choosing WHICH ones to eat at. LOL

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