Giving the Gift of an Experience

Living in an RV is often challenging when buying gifts. People don’t know what to get us… heck we don’t often know what to get each other. Space is limited. Something must go out for something to come in. A few years ago we started talking about gifts and how we love going places and so we started doing “gifts of experiences”. For anniversaries, Christmas (Hanukkah), birthdays we started giving things like: tickets to concerts or plays, for family we went on a big family vacation most expenses paid. We enjoy giving each other experiences rather than stuff. This is a great idea when you have such limited space.

Bill and I sat down with each other last year and talked about what experience we might like for Christmas. We really didn’t need to even sit down we both knew what would be the best gift given we were planning to spend a few months in Florida to see family (specifically my baby niece) and possibly returning to Florida next Winter for a work possibility. So we agreed rather than buying gifts this year we would buy ourselves annual passes to the Walt Disney World Resort. This will cover both of our birthdays, our combined Christmas budget, and our budget for Valentine’s Day and our Anniversary. We will probably pick up cards and small things for the actual days but our gifts to each other are the passes. We calculated that if you bought single use passes for around 10 days worth of visits to the park it would be about the same as the annual passes. My girlfriend and her family from Seattle are coming down to WDW to visit and so we had already planned to spend a week there with the family.

For Bill and I spending 10+ days at Walt Disney World is not going to be an issue.

So earlier this week we went down to Downtown Disney to pick up our passes and do a little shopping. We realized that our passes are now active and so later when we went down to visit my parents for a day and discovered we were a mere 15 mins from the parks we popped on over to watch the fireworks. It has been a struggle the rest of this week not to hop in the car and head on down. We are about an hour north of the parks until Sunday when we move the RV to the Walt Disney Wilderness Campgrounds for the week my friends are visiting, plus it is our little extra experience for Valentine’s Day, since neither of us has spent a V-day at the parks. I wish I could fly all my friends and family down to come play with us at the parks. I know from past experience that the larger your party the more fun you can have.

So we have agreed we will not drive down today because there are things we need to get done before we move on Sunday but tomorrow… I just may have to go and catch the Parade! Heh

If you have never been to a Disney park… you just can’t know what you are missing till you try it. Save up your funds and come on down! They always have deals going on and if you have small children they can get by quite inexpensively… well unless you buy all the stuffed Mickeys or Magic Wands! LOL

Whatever you do…

Have a Magical Day!

Have a Magical Day!

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