Busy with family

It is kinda nice to take a break from playing tourist. We have spent the last few days spending time with my baby niece, her parents (my brother and sister-in-law) and my parents as well as a good friend that lives here in Orlando. We got to show off the RV and let them see a little of how we live. It has been a great time. We have also done some organizing and cleaning up. It is amazing how little we get done when we have places to be. :-)

Tonight we decided to head down to Downtown Disney for a little shopping and dinner. The Earl of Sandwich is down there and it is an inexpensive tasty sandwich place. Bill got the Jerk Chicken sandwich, I got the Cannonballs (meatball sub) and we both got a bowl of tomato soup since it was a little chilly outside. I love soup. mmmmmm

We took our Disney Trading Pins with us so we could do some trading. It helps the contain the collector in me from collecting things that don’t fit in the RV. LOL My friend, Meri, helped me with the list of pins I needed the other night so I was ready to get trading. We had so much fun hopping from the World of Disney store, to the other stores looking for people to trade with, we also stopped by the Pin Trading Store that is all just pins. Bill may have found a new lanyard he really likes. All in all in a few hours I think we traded almost 100 pins! GASP! That’s what happens when we get focused.

Tomorrow we head off to Gatorland. I am sure Bill will have a story to tell you after that; he has never seen a gator before. heh

I promise to update more. We have just been having too much fun!

Up in the middle of the night

We drove from New Orleans to Tallahassee, Florida yesterday which was a bit over 6 hours. I was exhausted when we arrived but looking forward to reaching our current destination tomorrow where I get to meet my three month old baby niece. I haven’t seen her yet and it has been very hard not to DASH across the country to see her. Bill and I agreed we wanted to stop and see a few things on our way. After all trekking 3,000+ miles in a hurry would really suck. LOL So for 3 months I have waited to see this day. YAY!

We got to Tallahassee and it was quite warm. We are staying in a Rest Area again to save time and money. It is a lot quicker and easier to get in and out of when you are only staying long enough for dinner and sleep. Unfortunately sleep is avoiding me. I could blame it on the balmy heat in the bedroom but considering a vast majority of my friends are in knee to hip deep snow this week I might get throttled. hehe

I know that most of why I cannot sleep is excitement. I get to spend a few days with my niece and of course her parents. See a few good friends and show off the RV. We also have plans to visit Disney World where I get to meet up with some friends from my other home in Seattle that will be visiting Disney World as well. Excitement Abounds!

I am going to be SO tired later… so I better at least try and get a couple more hours. Good night.. or morning as the case may be.