Planning for the Future

Slow day today. We were thinking of going to Disney today but my body decided that wasn’t going to be an option. I started taking a higher dose of meds per my doctor and my

body hates me for it. It will mellow out in a few days but until then I am sitting.

While sitting I started scanning old photos that I have boxes full of. The goal is to get them all scanned and most of them tossed, except for the special photos.

Bill and I also started going over plans for our future move. We had it very easy when we started in November. I had a niece that was waiting for her aunt to come love on her and it was snowing in the northern states so we drove due south and then due east.

Since we have been here a few months we haven’t had to think much beyond where we will be next week. So we started discussing possibilities. We would love to go visit so many places but in order to actually stay places long enough to see things we can’t go everywhere right now. We finally agreed that Washington D.C. is the main stop on this leg and so we started planning our path up and what we would like to see along the way.

If you could visit anywhere along the east coast where would you go? We are trying to decide places to stop along our path. We are very interested in seeing some of the Civil War sites but would love suggestions. I need to research and learn more about our options.

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