It’s good to be home…

Something you have to come to terms with before you buy an RV is that most RV parks are near noise. If you live out in the boonies and you are not used to sleeping around noise this could become a problem. For me not so much. The house I grew up in, in Tampa, Florida was 2 blocks from I-75. From there we moved to a nice little house directly across from a train station in Acton, Massachusetts, from there we moved to a nice major road in Bedford, MA. We have never really lived in a quiet neighborhood. When moving from RV park to RV park you can pretty well settle on the fact that you will be near one of the following: train tracks, airports, highways, hospitals or fire depts. This makes for a variety of sounds. In Largo, Florida where we were for a week visiting my family we had a multitude. We were on a major road near a train track and some type of fire station or police station. All manner of noises at all times of night. The problem has become moving to a park in the middle of nowhere. The last 2 weeks we were staying in a beautiful park in Davenport, Florida. It is about 30 minutes South of Walt Disney World. It is at minimum 30 minutes away from anything. There are no trains, no planes, no police cars dashing about. The first few nights I would wake up because it was… TOO quiet. LOL I got used to it after a few nights. Now we have moved again. Tonight we are staying in a parking lot near where we need to be for repairs in the morning. So far I have heard police cars and trains… it’s nice to be home. LOL

2 thoughts on “It’s good to be home…

  1. This reminds me of the scene in Madagascar where the animals in the zoo are settling down to sleep, and Alex (the Lion!) says, “Arghhh…They forgot to turn off the ambience again!” And when Marty turns it off, you can hear sirens, screaming and cars crashing, and Alex is like, “ahhhh.”

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