Tornado Warning

Tornado warning means an entirely different thing when your house is not attached to the ground. All my life I have watched the news and seen tornados and how they affect mobile home parks. Well today for most of the day we have been under a tornado warning. The rain started pouring last night and there have been winds reported as high as 88 mph (equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane). There have been downed trees and things flying since yesterday. When you live in a house generally your only concern is that a tree could fall on you or maybe you could loose some of your roof. Growing up and surviving several hurricanes it became not that big a deal overall.

However, when your house is portable you tend to have a different perspective. Not only could a storm damage my roof or knock down a tree, it could literally pick up my entire house and relocate it into the next county. This is a very real thing. When in a house I know where to go and what to do for a tornado. In the RV I have NO bathtub to hide in! Not to mention if I did it wouldn’t help much. Something I had never really “heard” before during tornado warnings was the following line,

DO NOT STAY IN A MOBILE HOME DURING A TORNADO. Mobile homes can turn over during strong winds. Even mobile homes with a tie-down system cannot withstand the force of tornado winds.

Plan ahead. If you live in a mobile home, go to a nearby building, preferably one with a basement. If there is no shelter nearby, lie flat in the nearest ditch, ravine, or culvert and shield your head with your hands.”

This was repeated consistently over the course of my morning. I sat and thought about what I would do if there was an actual tornado. In our current park the closest building is about a city block away from the RV so we wouldn’t dream of running there. The nearest ditch has about 18 inches of water from the torrential downpours all night so… nope wouldn’t do that. Luckily we had scheduled an appointment for our baby to go for a checkup. It was her 60,000-mile checkup so it took a majority of the day and we got to sit safely in a big brick car dealer building and pray Serenity would be there when we got home. She was there and we barely had wind here. I watched some of the damage while we were at the dealer on the news. I hope all the people are okay. I am glad we were safe. Tornado warning is over and we made it through unscathed.

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