New Home Savannah, Georgia

Got up early today, funny how early changes when you don’t have to work on other people’s schedules. Packed up and headed out for Georgia. Many years ago I visited Savannah, Georgia and fell in love with the city. It is absolutely a beautiful area. The city is built on the riverfront and has all these shops and restaurants right along the water. It reminds me a lot of New Orleans without the drunk people and stripper joints every 10 feet. There is a lot of local seafood and pecans galore.

In the city there are parks and grassy squares everywhere, by design. The houses are all kinds of architecture and many have beautiful wrought iron balconies and big beautiful lawns with brightly (no not Florida bright) painted houses.

We got into Savannah mid-afternoon and headed into town for dinner. We were a little too late to visit Paula Dean’s “Lady and Sons” restaurant and were too under dressed for “The Ole Pink House” so we wandered and found a nice little pizza joint. We shared a luscious Spinach Salad with apples and pecans with a zesty vinaigrette and a pizza with meat and lots of olives. We then walked down to the waterfront and burned off some of the calories.

Savannah River4-24

Savannah Riverfront

We will be in Savannah for a few days and then continuing to head north.

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