Deliciously Adventurous Dinner and more

Had a beautiful day today, which was nice considering it started out rainy. We were determined that we would go out for our Old Town Trolley Tour whether it was raining or not so I was happy to see it cleared up. We headed out early afternoon and jumped on the Trolley. We got a good driver with a fun sense of humor. We rode around the city for about an hour and hopped off at the Market area.  The tour was a lot of fun and we got a good history of the area and got to see the Victorian district and the Colonial district. The Historical Preservation Society in Savannah does an amazing job of making sure things are kept to the standards. The buildings are so beautiful and beautifully painted. We loved walking through a few of the squares and the city market.

Savannah Houses

Savannah Houses


Gingerbread House Savannah, Ga

Gingerbread House Savannah, Ga

After the tour we decided to hop over to Fort Pulaski. It was a Fort built in the 1800s to help protect Savannah from whoever may be attacking it.  Bill wanted to write about it so I will just leave that part to him.

After the Fort we stopped at a local fruit market and grabbed some peaches, peas, and strawberries. Peach season in Georgia is WAY earlier than Washington so I apparently missed it. The peaches I picked up were from South Carolina. Will have to see if I can get some peaches next spring. In Washington peach season starts around 4th of July, quite a bit of difference.

Once I was done at the market it was time to find dinner. We had heard about the Pirate House Restaurant on our tour and so we drove over to have dinner. We walked in and were greeted by none other than Jack Sparrow. The host took us to our table, which was in the part of the building that is said to be the oldest standing house in Georgia. The room was small with only 3 tables in it so we had a nice quiet dinner. There are half dozen or more rooms with dining tables of all shapes and sizes we discovered after our meal. Bill had a Shrimp Creole that was fabulous. On the recommendation of our waiter, the famous Elijah, I chose the lightly battered shrimp with baked potato. Bill also order a cup of their “She de Crab” soup that we shared. Phenomenal!  Elijah regaled us with ghost stories and was overall the best server we have had in a LONG time. He loves his job at the Haunted Pirate House. While we ate and Elijah told stories Jack Sparrow visited with us and I have to say he was quite good. Considering we saw the professional Jack Sparrow at Disney not too long ago I can say that with some experience.

Pirate House Savannah, Ga

After dinner we were encouraged to walk around the restaurant. The story goes that in the bar pirates would get people drunk and drop them down a shaft to haul them off on their boats to be extra crew. Needless to say it was a deliciously adventurous dinner.

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