Making time for a hobby

So a friend of mine, Regina, loves cross-stitching and periodically posts photos of projects she is working on. For years I cross-stitched. I used to love it and quit years ago because I got busy with life. Well now that I have some time on my hands I was inspired to try again. I stopped in a craft store and picked up 2 kits. The first was a simple bookmark.

I figured it would be a fun thing to make for my niece. I finished it in about a week. I really enjoyed it. So a few days ago I started my next one.

this is what it will look like when completed:

I love the flip flops. Well after I started the bookmark Bill got interested. So I took him to the store and but he didn’t like a lot of the designs, however, he loved the Pooh and Tigger so we bought him his own bookmark. I have a feeling his is going to turn out better than mine did.  I am so excited to do more. It is nice to have time for a hobby again.

Soon to be moving on

What a crazy couple of months. We have officially been in Florida for 3 months this week and it has been interesting to be back. I have been to every area I lived in. St. Pete, Tampa, all the areas around Orlando and even some new ones. This Sunday it will be time to move north. We will be staying in St. Augustine so not out of Florida yet but getting closer.

We have spent a lot of time at Disney. Spent many days with Isabella (she grows more everyday!). We have also seen nearly all of the family, Bill’s and mine.

Last Monday we decided we wanted to do one of the tours at the Magic Kingdom. We had planned to do it on Tuesday but with the storm front coming through and the possibility of rain we decided to go Monday instead. Walt Disney World offers an array of different tours. We had gone on the Keys to the Kingdom tour a few years ago and had heard each time you go you will see something different so we decided we wanted to try it again. The tour is not allowed for children under the age of 16 and that is for a very good reason. The tour takes you behind the scenes of the park and they do not want to ruin the Magic for the little kids. It is also would be difficult for a younger kid because you stand a lot and walk 2 miles round trip. The tour is great. Our host, Claire, was fabulous. I love the people they get for these tours. They are the most enthusiastic people. They are so knowledgeable about the parks and about the Disney family. You learn a lot about the windows on Main Street and details about the attractions. We got to see the behind the scenes at Splash Mountain and that was very cool.  If you enjoy the parks I highly suggest the tours.

The last couple of weeks have been restful. Bill had a cold or it might just be allergies we aren’t entirely sure. We have done a lot around the RV. I have also been able to visit with my friend, Meri. Meri and I did some geocaching last weekend and got nice and sweaty and also discovered that Dagobah from Star Wars can be found in a sinkhole in Sanford, Florida. LOL After mosquito bites and a possibly tick attack we threw in the towel but had much fun. Bill and I will have to do more geocaching in the future!