It has been a busy week of factory touring. We have learned about pretzel making, graphic arts, glass etching, wood crafting, loom weaving, soap making, violin making, Harley Davidson, and finally chocolate crafting. Whew. We also stopped at a few factory stores that do not have tours. My saddest moment was learning that Wilton Armetale no longer has a factory tour because they closed their local factory and are now being made in CHINA. Gack! I sooooooooo wanted a piece of their cookware! ARGH!

However, we did make out like bandits. Here is a photo of some of our loot. Yes the chair is included in the loot, actually there are two of them. LOL I know I know we have a fully furnished RV but if you get to come visit with us I will explain in detail why we got them.

So at the top of the photo we have my new Harley keychain. I needed a new one to fit all of my grocery store discount key fobs and so I have had an eye out for a while. You would be AMAZED how many of these darn things I have. You tend to collect them when you are on the road. Too many darn grocery store chains and each has their own discount card. Moving on we have 2 lovely black walnut chairs made by the Wood crafters. They dry their own black walnut to ensure quality. Most companies dry the wood too quickly and can cause damage to it when building and through time.  The guide told us how comfortable they were and had us sit in them. We realized they are beautiful and comfortable and Bill desperately needed a new chair for his little office area. They had some beautiful cherry chairs that would have matched out cabinets but we decided to compliment rather than match with the black walnut that is a little more unique.

I also have some of the handmade soaps over to the right on the seat. Several different scents. Now we get to the yummies. Today we did the Wolfgang Chocolates factory tour. They have all their “seconds” (not perfect) products for sale in their store so we grabbed some dark chocolate covered butter cookies (which I hear make great smores!) some dark choco covered blueberries, and a few other yummies. After the tour we hopped over to the Stauffer’s Factory Outlet where I grabbed some crème wafers, lemon and strawberry cookies, and the top pick blueberry flavored SMURF animal crackers! Woot! LOL

We did not pick up a Harley or any stringed instruments though.

We have had a most enjoyable time in York County, PA. If you are ever passing through I highly suggest stopping for a few days and taking in some tours or at least picking up some goodies at the stores. York Country, PA may be one of my top 10 places we have visited!

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