Pennsylvania Dutch and PEZ

A few days after we arrived at the Gifford Pinchot State Park for our stay we discovered that the Kutztown Folk Festival would start the day after we were scheduled to leave the area and head out towards Pittsburg. We were able to change our reservations around, which is not easy for July 4th weekend so we could attend the opening day of the festival today.

Today is the start of the 62nd annual Kutztown Folk Festival. The festival is a celebration of Pennsylvania Dutch and early American folk art and crafts.  There were multiple stages with entertainment and educational programs going on all day. There were also tons of vendors selling all kinds of arts of crafts everything from cuckoo clocks to the most unique carved walking sticks I have ever seen. And what would a festival be without the food? Of course there was all kinds of Pennsylvania Dutch food including a tradition of the festival – roasting a 1,200 pound oxen over a bed of hot coals.

We had a great time watching folk dancing; listening to a comedy lecture on the Pennsylvania Dutch language and watching craft makers demonstrate making their wares.  Of course we purchased some food and a few things including some maple syrup, fresh baked bread, and Dutch Apple dumplings. 

Kutztown Folk Festival

Kutztown Folk Festival

 Leslie has had to get rid of some of t-shirts lately so she took this opportunity to make her own tie-dyed t-shirt.

Leslie Creates a Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Leslie Creates a Tie-Dye T-Shirt

After we left the Festival we searched out a little store called the Purple Cow ( The Purple Cow has the largest collection of PEZ dispensers in the state. The Purple Cow is located in flea market type establishment. The building is divided into a lot of stalls that include everything from a butcher shop to multiple collectable and antique shops. We wish we got there earlier and had the opportunity to look around the other vendors.

Purple Cow PEZ Dispenser Store

Purple Cow PEZ Dispenser Store

To round out of Pennsylvania Dutch day we stopped at Millers ( Millers started about 80 years ago when Anna Miller started selling chicken and waffles to the truckers while her husband fixed their trucks. Millers is an award winning Pennsylvania Dutch smorgasbord and dinner was delicious.

Tomorrow we pack up and move closer to Pittsburg.

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Dutch and PEZ

  1. The joy on Leslie’s face while making her tie-dye shirt… :-D

    When do we get to see how it turned out?

  2. I have to rinse it out. It was supposed to sit overnight but we moved today and I forgot. I will do it in the morning.

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