Laundry? Maybe not

So what happens on a typical day that Bill and I don’t have plans? Well we wake up in the morning and I have grand delusions that I am going to park my butt in my chair and just be. I might stitch, or watch TV or just do nothing at all. Well that isn’t always what ends up happening… actually that is rarely what ends up happening. Today I had the grand idea that I was going to do a few loads of laundry and take a shower. If I got adventurous I was going to wander over to the little restaurant onsite here at the park and have lunch but thought it was more likely a bowl of cereal kind of day.

Around noon Bill started to get antsy. “What are we doing today?” he says. This means, “I want to go out but I don’t want to initiate it because then I have to decide where to go.” When you live together 24/7 you begin to understand the true meaning behind the words. I got up to go shower and told Bill to find somewhere for lunch, by the time I got out of the shower he had found a few places NOT to have lunch but nowhere that looked good. Luckily for me he at least told me what he wanted to eat. He wanted Lobster. Well being that we are in MAINE that shouldn’t be a difficult request. He went to take a shower and I started my search.

Something I have discovered is many people don’t REALLY know how to use a search engine. Bill, for example, isn’t always as specific as he could be. To find a restaurant he picks up the phone and hunts for lobster restaurant. He may find a few places but the Google Maps app on the phone can be annoying and not show you things you should see and shows you many things that have nothing to do with your search. So Bill gets in the shower and I grab my computer. We are near Bangor, ME and so I google “Best Lobster, Bangor, ME”. Instantly I have a slew of restaurant suggestions from different travel sites (Fodor’s) and reviews. Something that may take Bill half an hour because he does it a different way takes me 20 seconds.


So I find two excellent options for lunch. One is 5 miles away in Bangor, the other is on the water a little over an hour south. I know from past experience we will be going to the one an hour away because we will have lunch and then drive up and down the coast for a bit exploring. So I get dressed with the idea we will be gone for a couple hours and I can finish my laundry when we get home. Now I don’t know why after so many years I can read Bill like a book but I still REALLY think we are going out for JUST lobster and a drive. HA! Not likely. We have our lobster and we start driving south. We hit Camden, ME about 4pm and I gasp at how much the main street looks A LOT like Main Street USA at Walt Disney World. We must find a parking spot and get some pictures. We park and walk around snapping pictures.

Next thing you know we are walking along the water of the harbor (ha-ba in New England speak) and there is this BIG beautiful schooner bobbing up and down at the dock. Bill is snapping photos when we realize there are people boarding the boats around us. We see a table that looks like a good place to ask about this. We wander over and start talking to the man there. They have 2-hour sunset tours where they take you out in the schooners and float around while the sun sets. We think about this for a while and realize that of our days we planned to be in the area TODAY is the best day for something like this. So when does this tour leave? Well 5 minutes from now. SOLD!

See if I had PLANNED I woulda brought a jacket. LOL

Laundry? Well maybe tomorrow? LOL

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