A Stroll along the Shore

Maine is known as the “Vacation State” and since the weather was wonderful Friday (although it could have been a few degrees warmer) we decided it was time to do some more exploring. Acadia National Park encompasses over 47,000 acres with just over 30,000 of them on Mount Desert Island. Within the confines of the park there are mountains, ocean shoreline, woodlands, and lakes in the park.

The park was first created as Sieur de Monts National Monument in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson. It became the first National Park east of the Mississippi River in 1919 and renamed as Lafayette National Park. The parks name was changed to Acadia National Park in 1929.

We started our day in the park in the visitor’s center where we watched the park movie. In January we visited Jean Lafitte National Park when we were in Louisiana. The movie in that park talked about the Acadians, who were 17th century French colonists who were forced to leave their colonies in what is now Canada and Maine.  Some of them settled in Louisiana and became known as the Cajuns.  The movie in Acadia also talked about the Acadians.

We purchased the audio CD tour and started on our way through the park stopping at various scenic lookouts. As we drove along the loop road we found a picnic area and enjoyed our lunch. After lunch we made our way to the meeting place for the Ranger led Ocean Path Walk. The two mile walk was interspersed with breaks where the Park Ranger talked about the history and nature of the park.

We only had about 6 hours in the park on Friday and discovered that it was not close to enough to enjoy the stunning scenery so we will return to see more of the majestic park. Below are a few pictures of the ocean shoreline. Once we have some time with a good internet connection we will get more of the Acadia pictures up to our smugmug account.

Acadia National Park Shoreline

Acadia National Park Shoreline

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