Challenges Pt 2: Bugs and rodents

Challenges Part 2


My next challenge is bugs. They are everywhere and the more you travel the more you find. I didn’t know there were so many types of ants. Spiders make webs everywhere (shower, rear view mirrors, tires, windshield). Moths, ticks, fruit flies, flies, unrecognizables every type of bug you can imagine. We had these weird flying beetles. In PA we had these things that looked like house flies but were the size of a small bird! (okay maybe not a small bird but at least the size of an unshelled peanut!)


If you don’t like bugs you may not like living in an RV. When you stay in State Parks or heavily wooded campgrounds (in our experience about 1/3 of them) you not only won’t have satellite but you WILL have bugs. Now there are some things you can do. We have a pellet stuff that is animal safe (I don’t have animals but I respect other peoples) but is anti-ant. You can get it in many hardware stores or big box stores. You should buy it in bulk because you will need it nearly every campground you move to. Even if you DON’T move you will have to reapply it if it rains hard or after a few weeks when it just goes away or become ineffective.


I cannot speak to the problems with rodents (yet). Friends have given us advice on how to keep the rodents out and thus far (knock on wood) they have been affective. However, we know lots of people that have had problems with them.


Then there are the nightmare stories of Raccoons, bears, snakes, scorpions, etc. Luckily thus far we have not had major problems in this area but if we keep going I know some day it will happen.

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