Rainbows of Fall

I grew up in Florida for the first 13 years of my life. Imagine my surprise when my parents dragged our family to Massachusetts in November. We were too late to see the fall colors that year but had a beautifully dreadful winter (blizzard of 1987 anyone?) The spring came and I learned what tulips and daffodils are but was still too disgruntled over the god-awful winter to enjoy them. The summer heat with no a/c did little to improve a hormonal angsty teenage mind. Along came September and back to school. I was staying at a friend’s house as my parents decided to move (again) over the summer and they wanted me to start the new school year off in my new school while they searched for a house in the district. Out in front of my friend’s house was a glorious maple tree that suddenly (in my teenage mind) burst into bizarre colors. Now I assume that I had seen fall trees on TV by this time in my life but it never occurred to my Florida-born mind that those trees had initially been GREEN!?!? I grew up loving rainbows. Half my wardrobe had rainbows on it. (Yes I am a child of the 80s).

I began to notice so many trees around that just last week were green were now the colors of flames in a fireplace. There were bright yellows and beautiful oranges and brilliant reds, RAINBOWS! There were trees all one color and trees with almost a flame effect going from dark to light. There were trees that were so beautiful I would gasp when I saw them.

You have to click on this to see better!

Some people think I love trees a little bit much, but to be fair it is in my blood. My aunt owns a tree farm and nursery that I literally grew up in. My grandfather spent much of his life growing trees and planting them all around the local towns in Indiana. My family is full of horticultural geniuses (of which sadly I am not one). Half of the evergreens in the area of Osgood, Indiana were planted by my family. My Sophmore year, our school did an aptitude test to determine what types of jobs we would be good at, mine said I should be a farmer. LOL


So here I was an angsty teenager in the glorious northeast amidst the wonders of fall. I think it is apt that they call it fall because I did. I fell in love with fall. I had never really put much thought into season before then. I hated cold and I loathed hot but here is a time of year in this area of the country where the weather is perfect. Highs in the 60s and 70s lows a little chilly but enough to have an evening fire in the fireplace and everything turns rainbow.


I wanted to go back to that teacher in kindergarden that told me that trees weren’t orange and say, “See! They can be!” Fall… what a wonderful time you are. So sweet that you visit with us each year and bring your friends pumpkin and apple along.

One thought on “Rainbows of Fall

  1. Leslie, your brain must be dancing!
    We saw a few trees starting to show color on our way into Illinois today. Fall is definately on its way.

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