Maine, Apples and Trees

So when Bill and I first started making a list of things we would want to visit and see when we bought an RV the first thing on my list was enjoying the fall in New England. So when we set off from Florida this past spring I had only a couple things scheduled. We needed to be in Indianapolis for GenCon and in Maine in September. We arrived in Maine a little ahead of the color but planned to stay a couple weeks before heading south to Alabama to have Serenity worked on before making our final decent to Florida for the winter. I had planned to see fall leaves, visit Acadia National Park and pick apples. We have accomplished all of these and so it is time to head south.

Thursday we drove over to Schoodic Point to continue our tour of the Acadia National Park. While there I slipped on the rocks and twisted my ankle pretty badly. This put a bit of a damper on our plans for our last few days.

Leslie Schoodic Point

Leslie at Schoodic Point

The color around Bangor was not quite up to my level of expectation and knowing we have to be in Alabama in mid-October for our appointment we couldn’t afford to stay any longer so we headed to find color. Friday morning we hopped in the car and drove toward New Hampshire hoping to see more. We drove about 2 hours and boy did we find color. It was absolutely beautiful. We then found a fabulous little Bistro (Brian’s Bistro in Mexico, ME) for dinner and then headed home.

Leaf Peeping

Leaf Peeping

Saturday we called the local apple place where we picked some Macintosh and Cortlands last week and the Honeycrisp were ripe so we jumped into Sunny and headed to The Apple Farm in Fairfield, ME. We picked a half-bushel of apples and enjoyed the free cider and headed home again.


Apple Picking

Apple Picking

So now we have picked a bushel and a peck and saw plenty of color and so it is time for me to make my way toward my lovely niece that will be one year old in a month. Can’t wait to see my sister-in-law and my brother too. But first we will see what trouble we can find in New Hampshire for a few days.

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