BBQ Again

So it has been a while since we have had good BBQ. We began in Florida in April and headed up the coast. We had the wonderful mustard bbq in South Carolina and some more decent bbq in North Carolina but when we reach Virginia we began to have a few issues. The bbq in Virginia was heavily loaded with cinnamon, which I was unhappy about. We had so many other options for food that we just stayed away from bbq for a while but then in Boston I got the hankering so we looked up a place in our BBQ book. It was far less than appealing. Bill liked his ribs but my pork and brisket came in half an inch of grease, which I might have been able to work around if the sauce had been any good but it wasn’t.


After that we just gave up. Well 8 days ago we left Maine and started south. I knew that soon I would have good bbq. Well 2 days ago we had a hot water pipe break so we cancelled the next two weeks of plans and headed due south.

Today after driving a full 400 miles (over 8 hours) we got to one of the most beautiful parks we have ever stayed in.

We are east of Nashville, Tennessee in Crossville for the night and I knew once I crossed the Mason-Dixon line I was going to have to find some bbq. We got the RV set up and headed out. The lady in the office suggested Big Boys BBQ or Lefty’s. We saw on Google that Big Boys had a 4 star rating so off we went. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with beans and potato salad and a sweet tea. Bill got the ribs with beans and cole slaw. I then noticed they serve banana pudding, a specialty at good southern bbq joints so I ordered some to go. The bbq was very good. Not the best we ever had but very good. The sauces were both excellent.

Just had the banana pudding and now I know why they sell it in gallon sized containers (no I got half a pint). It had fresh banana slices (full slices!) and full nilla wafers. So lovely! It’s good to be south again!

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  1. It is called Deer Run Rv Resort in Crossville, TN. I will post some pictures shortly. Our signal on our mifi sucked but the park was amazing!

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