Appointment Time

It is finally Friday. We got up at 6 to make sure we had everything ready for our appointment at 7am. The folks here work 7-3 or 4 so they can get off in time for their kids after school events and/or time to go hunting. It’s a different kind of place here. The grocery stores close at 8 pm and most of the town is rolled up by 9. So we have reset our schedule to be on “their” time so it is not as annoying when the neighboring rigs fire up their 450 HP Diesel engines at 6:30 am.

So we got up and rolled over to Bay 10, our designated bay. We met Chad and went over our list of things to be done. He wondered off to talk to all the others that would need to help with different aspects of our project.

The first thing he tackled were the wires that somehow got trapped under one of the walls when the rig was being put together. He got them stuck back under and then moved on to the screw that stuck up through the carpet in the bedroom. Next the awning for the bedroom slide was replaced. He worked on the bedroom slide we have had problems with and added rollers. We discovered that the one bedroom slide we have had issues with is actually an Electric slide (oh the jokes I could make) instead of a hydraulic slide. We were slightly relieved because our good friends Char and Forrest have had problems with their hydraulic slides lately and I was concerned we might have a similar issue. All 3 of our other slides are hydraulic.

Another repair guy came by to consult about the shower door and said he wasn’t sure if they had one of the doors since nearly every shower is different on every model. He was quite impressed by the plexi-glass door we had jury-rigged. He came back a little while later and said they had procured a door for us and would be by later to get it set in. The next item on the list was checking the bottom of the one slide for something Bill noticed. I don’t know and don’t want to know what was wrong. Heh

Then came the driver’s side slide. The first time we put it out it didn’t POP like it had been doing (of course) so I ran it out and knew as it settled in it would POP later. Now a few months ago we were packing up to go and when we started to run that slide in it POPPED. It sounded like something was catching but we had no idea what. Each time we moved we would watch the slide go in and couldn’t for the life of us see what was catching. It got to the point where every time I pulled the slide in my whole body would tense waiting for the POP and my shoulders have been the worse for it. About the 4th time it did it I decided I had to find some way to avoid it until we could get to Red Bay. When I would put the slide out I started to put it out only 95% of the way and then it wouldn’t do it when we retracted it.  After most of the other things were done I asked him if we wanted to try the slide again. Well when I told Chad what it was doing he told me some popping and cracking noises are normal. Then as he stood there and POP his eyes widened and he jumped. Well it’s not supposed to do THAT.

I retreated outside while they started looking at it because they kept running it out and back in POP and again POP. I was standing 20 feet from the RV and POP. I jumped and apparently squeaked loud enough to get a couple other people’s attention so they went in to see what that was. Three different guys came looking and I ran away. I went in the waiting room and waited. After a while the curiosity killed the cat and I came looking. They had pulled the wood trim off the slide and while I was standing there they wanted to show me what it was. POP and I was gone again. LOL

Lunch happened and then they came back and got it all fixed up. The slide was going out so far that the ceiling portion of the slide would catch. They had to pull the metal trim that holds the slide together off jack up the roof and put it back together. One more check off the list.

The shower door was next and that was done without much fuss. On to the odd whirling noise in the a/c and the foggy windows and the Sirius radio. Then we will be done. Doubting we will get done today but most of it will be. Whew. I can’t wait to be done so we can make our way south to see my niece oh and everyone else and Disney. Grin

Pictures to come.

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