Red Bay, Alabama and Tiffin Motorcoach

Red Bay, Alabama is a fascinating little place (emphasis on Little). The campground here at Tiffin’s repair center is in constant motion. About 6:30 am the diesel engines start to rev. The repair crews start at 7am and you have to be lined up in front of your bay when the garage doors open. Then all day long they move in and out.

We arrived in Red Bay last Wednesday a week and a half before our appointment. You may ask why we got here so early. Well Monday morning when we were preparing to move the coach south we were moving the slide in and heard a POP. Then shortly after we noticed the water pump was not shutting off. The hose we have had so many problems with officially bit the big one. We knew we were not going to be able to fix it this time so we headed straight in bypassing many of the places we had planned to stop. We stopped only twice and had 2 very long days of driving. Bill was able to shut the water off to just the hot water so we could still flush the toilet but we decided to come on in.


When we arrived on Wednesday the campground was full but we got into one of their electric sites for the night. The next morning they had a full hook up site for us (but since we couldn’t use our water anyway it didn’t matter much). We moved into site 53 and met the neighbors. Everyone at the park here owns a Tiffin Motorcoach. They range from tiny little 30-foot C Classes to giant mammoth sized Zephyrs. Everyone here also is here for repairs of some sort or another. One couple needed to have tiles replaced. Another has woodwork being done. People are having satellites installed or refrigerators replaced.


In our case besides the hose we need a few repairs. An RV is just like a house in many ways. You have typical repairs that have to be done when things wear out. The thing is RVs are also like Vehicles so there are those types of things too. Oil changes, filter changes, new batteries. The difference is my MH (motorhome) has 8 batteries instead of just one. Also my tires are much bigger so they cost 3 to 10 times what normal car tires cost and there are 6 of them. We have a list we have been compiling. We have awnings to be replaced. We need blinds repaired. We need slides oiled and adjusted. We need electrical things adjusted. So instead of leaving and coming back later in the week we decided to stay and really get a feel for how things work.


Bill has spent a lot of his time walking through the bays. Sometimes I complain about some of the things we have wrong with our RV and I can feel a little overwhelmed. Well this feeling goes away very quickly for me when I walk into the bays and see the people that blew half the electronics in their coach when there was a power surge and they did not have a surge protector.

So many stories.

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