What a Year

A year ago (on Friday November 5, 2010) we finally got everything packed into the RV and drove it over to the company that Leslie worked for to say some goodbyes and show them our new home. Backing out of the parking lot in Bellevue a bottle of red wine vinegar rolled off the counter and shattered on the floor making a bit of a mess.   From there we hooked up the jeep and headed south to Portland. Although we had lived in our RV for a few months – that Friday a year ago was the day we started our traveling adventure. What a way to start our adventures – with the smell of vinegar driving down the road.

When we left Washington – we had some rough plans. We were going to visit my daughter in Portland, then head to Eugene, Oregon to get our refrigerator fixed. Then we had to get to Florida by the middle of February 2011 to meet some friends that were visiting Disney World.

Well since we fired up the diesel engine a year ago we have traveled thru 27 states and the District of Columbia. We have visited countless National Parks, Historic Sites, Monuments, and Seashores; eaten at tons of excellent restaurants; attended festivals, state fairs in a number of states; waded in the Gulf of Mexico and both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; and of course had the pleasure of spending time with wonderful friends and family.

As our first year on the road draws to a close I am reflecting back on the past year and wondering what adventures the next year will hold.  We hoping to get some seasonal work at Disney World and spending the next few months in Florida. The only thing we really know at this point is we will fly back to Seattle for a week or so in January to attend my daughter’s graduation from Police Academy.

I guess I should mention that I am sitting outside the RV which is parked in the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds at Disney World. What a nice way to end our first year on the road and start the next one.  We might not know what adventures are in store for us in the months, or even weeks to come, but I do know that tomorrow there are evening extra magic hours at the Magic Kingdom so I pretty sure that tomorrow will be a Magical Day.

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