What’s for Dinner?

Anyone that knows either of us would agree that we like to eat, that we like to try new food experiences and that we like to eat good food.  When we lived in Seattle we discovered that Seattle Magazine and other organization came out with various lists places to eat everything from Thai food to hamburgers and pizza. Of course we had to see for ourselves and definitely enjoyed ourselves in the process.

Both the Travel Channel and Food Network have numerous shows that feature everything from fancy restaurants to dives that serve up some of the best and biggest food that can be found. Since we knew we would someday travel we started to track interesting places to eat.

We left Seattle back in November of 2010 and some people have said we have been eating our way across the country ever since. In some ways it is true – we had cheese on the Oregon coast, ate sourdough in San Francisco, etouffee and beignets in Louisiana, deep dish pizza in Chicago and fresh lobster on the Maine coast.

It is very true that we have had many wonderful meals across all kinds of cuisines, and I have enjoyed them all. Of all the cuisines – barbeque holds a special place for both of us and our time in Texas was of course wonderful. Since we left Texas – we had barbeque from time to time – but it just was not the same, just not as good (some cases – it was downright bad).

Yesterday we went to visit Leslie’s younger brother and his family – and went out to 4 Rivers Smokehouse (http://www.4rsmokehouse.com/).  We arrived and the line was out the door.  As we waited I noticed that there were a lot of similarities to barbeque experiences in Texas – you order at a counter, a piece of butcher paper is placed on a tray, and your meat is placed on the tray along with your sides. You then pay and find a seat for yourself at one of the picnic tables.

Then the line moved and I walked in the door – the smell of the smoked meat hit me and transported me back in time and space to our time in Texas.


4Rivers Smokehouse - BBQ

4Rivers Smokehouse - BBQ

This was the best barbeque that I had since I left Texas.

And for desert – Fried Oreos.  To be fair – I have never seen Fried Oreos on a menu in Texas.  Take an Oreo cookie, wrap it in doughnut dough, drop it in a deep fryer, and then drizzle chocolate and sprinkle powdered sugar  over it.

4Rivers Smokehouse - Fried Oreos

4Rivers Smokehouse - Fried Oreos

To also be fair I did have excellent mustard style que in South Carolina – but it is not fair to compare mustard style to non-mustard style – I likened it to trying to compare Chicago deep dish pizza to New York thin crust – they are both pizza – but …  I have also had very good barbeque at Famous Dave’s – but really that is only ribs – not the whole package (the ribs, brisket, sliced pork, etc). 4 Rivers Smokehouse really is a fantastic place to have BBQ even if it is not in Texas.

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