A Most Unusual Home

Leslie wrote a blog titled “Where is Home” as we were heading out of Sanford to start out trip back to Seattle. When we go somewhere and people ask where home is we frequently get into a long discussion about living fulltime in an RV and our “Home” is where we park it.

Since we left the Seattle area in November of 2010, we have parked our RV in all kinds of places. Some of them have been wonderful like the state parks in PA and others have just been a place to park while we explore an area we wanted to visit (like the country fairground outside of San Francisco). Over the course of our travels we have come to see that just because we park our home somewhere – that does not really make that location our home.

For a location to be home it needs to feel familiar and safe. Obviously the Seattle area feels like home, Sanford, Florida feels like home, of course most of the Walt Disney World feels like home. I also think of parts of Portland, Oregon as home. Now this is not to say that we have not had a wonderful time in many areas of the country would go back and even park our RV in the same place. We actually visited Indianapolis twice and stayed in the same place. We had a wonderful time (OK so we were there for GenCon, how could not have a great time) – but we do not consider Indianapolis home.

Today we turned the corner on 4th Avenue in Red Bay, Alabama and started the drive thru the small downtown area. We passed the McDonalds, the Chinese food  buffet, the
Pigly Wiggly and then turned onto 4th Street to head to the Allegro Campground and the Tiffin Service Center it hit us. We felt like we were coming home.

This was very strange and more than a little perplexing. We do not like being in Red Bay. There is nothing to do or see in Red Bay. The campground is an old landing strip with the RV’s lined up in rows. And yet we felt a sense of comfort and calm as we pulled into the campground.

Well it might feel like home –but we are reminded of the Franklin quote about guests, like fish starting to smell after three days. We hope the winds continue to blow the dog food smell the other way and we can get out Red Bay in 3 days and continue our trip to another one of our homes – the Seattle area.

One thought on “A Most Unusual Home

  1. So good to have you blogging again! Kinda of scary that Red Bay has a feeling of home….

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