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Now that everyone is thinking all we eat is BBQ I will surprise you with some of the other places we have been. We spent many years watching travel channel specials about food. We like food and like learning about different delicacies you may find in different regions and so when we travel to a new area we look to see what places might be special in that area. Sometimes we don’t have anything on our list and when that happens we open up our trusty Urbanspoon.

When we got to Austin we opened our list and one of the places on the list was one we obviously had to try, Bacon. Yup it is a restaurant simply and accurately called Bacon. We had heard about it from a couple different shows and so we had to try it. One of our local friends had never tried it and so she tagged along with us.We ordered the Bacon Fries (fries, topped with sharp cheddar, bacon, chives, and sour cream) as an appetizer. They sounded great, but were only fair.I love breakfast any time of day and they serve it all day so my instant choice was French Toast with a side of, obviously, bacon. I asked the gentleman at the register which of the bacon they had he would suggest and he said the House Bacon would go great so that was my choice. Bill selected the hamburger made with ground beef mixed with ground bacon.



Bill said his burger was good but he really couldn’t taste the bacon in it. My French Toast was great and the house bacon was awesome smoky and delish.

The next place on our list was from the same show Bacon Paradise. The Allgood Café was in downtown Dallas and has a bacon that is peppered that is supposed to be some of the best bacon ever. I ordered the pancake and eggs with again a side of bacon and Bill got the Texas Omelet (no it wasn’t the biggest omelet in the world or anything like that) just eggs topped with Texas chili onions and cheese and, of course, a side of bacon because I wasn’t in a sharing mood.

Allgood Cafe

Allgood Cafe

Generally when bacon says it is peppered it means that when it is a slab the outside is peppered and then sliced. That was not the case with this bacon. Well it was peppered and then sliced but then it was peppered again. Now when I first saw it I was concerned that the pepper would be too strong. I like pepper but if you get too much on something it is all you taste and it can make it a little too spicy for me. One bite took care of those concerns. It was a mix of peppers not just black and it was perfection. I would say definitely one of the best bacons I have ever eaten.

The same day we went to Allgood we followed that up with the trip to the Sixth Floor Museum. We walked around downtown Dallas and then it was time for a late lunch/early dinner. We don’t eat at typical meal times, which works well when we are out on the town. We are usually finishing lunch/dinner when the restaurants start to get busy. We pulled up Urbanspoon to see what was good in the area hoping to walk to lunch and found a few blocks away there was a steakhouse with excellent reviews so we headed that way. Hoffbrau is a Texas Steak house with some specialties on the menu that we have never seen before or since. Bill fixated quickly on the smoked sirloin. He asked the waiter how it was and was offered a sample. The waiter came back with a slab of about 2 full ounces of the steak. Bill was in HEAVEN. The sirloin takes the smoke very well and really tenderizes it. After the sample piece there was no doubt what Bill was ordering. I needed a little break from smoked meat so I opted for a ribeye, which is truly my favorite thing and it was not over priced. I also ordered something called Smashed Puppies hoping they would be decent hushpuppy type of appetizer since the last couple of hushpuppies I had were not the best.


Hoffbrau Steakhouse

The Smashed Puppies came out. They were jalapeno hush puppies served with honey butter and jalapeno jelly. They were divine! I would go back to Hoffbrau any day just for those. Our steaks arrived and were absolutely fabulous. Everything we ordered was excellent and we would go back any day of the week.

Our last dinner in Dallas was meeting up with more friends and they decided we had to try Babe’s Chicken House. Now every time I mentioned Babe’s Chicken House to anyone in Dallas they rolled there eyes back in there head and made an mmmmmmmm sound. This told me that this experience should be good.

We met them there and the waiter comes out. They don’t have a printed menu. Everything is served family style and you get a choice of meat. Fried Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Chicken fried steak, and a couple others. I had to try the famous fried chicken and Bill got the grilled chicken. Everything was quite good and lived up to all the positive feedback we had gotten. 

Babe's Chicken Dinner

Babe’s Chicken Dinner

Bacon on Urbanspoon Allgood Cafe on Urbanspoon
Hoffbrau Steaks on Urbanspoon Babe's Chicken Dinner House on Urbanspoon

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