When I hear someone say Oklahoma I think of the Broadway musical and the line from the song – Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains.  As part of the musical it sounds so nice but in reality sometimes it can be devastating.

As we started to move thru Arkansas and into Texas we started to pay attention to the severe weather as it moved across the country. When you live in a house on wheels you do not want to be anywhere near a tornado. While we were in Dallas there was Tornado watch but the weather changed and there was no tornado. However north of us in Moore, Oklahoma they were not as lucky.

Two days after the devastating tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma it was time for us to leave Dallas and head north on I-35.  Our next area we wanted to tour some was in Kansas; however it was too far to drive in one day so we needed to overnight in Oklahoma. Our plan was to stay in the Oklahoma City area overnight. Our path would take us thru Moore and I-35.

The tornado crossed I-35. Although it did not damage the highway it did cause considerable damage along the highway. You hear about the destructive forces of a tornado and how it can destroy one building and leave the next one standing. Although you see pictures and television footage it really does not come close to seeing it in person.

In the picture on the left you can see the sign for a mall theater was left untouched while parts of the mall buildings were destroyed. There was a Post Office in the parking lot that was also untouched. The picture on the right is from the other side of the highway.  It shows some houses that were totally destroyed while ones just a block from them looked fine. Words really cannot describe the destruction on how one house could be standing while the next one is rubble.

Oklahoma - Moore Tornado

Oklahoma – Moore Tornado

Back in 2007, long before we lived fulltime in an RV, Leslie and I signed up to attend a glass convention in Las Vegas. Instead of flying we decided to do a road trip and obviously any route from Seattle to Las Vegas should go thru Amarillo, Texas to follow Route 66 west to Las Vegas and thru to Santa Monica. It turns out that our stop in Oklahoma was in the vicinity of Route 66.

We drove up to Route 66 and went into the city of Chandler where we saw a historic Phillips 66 that was built in 190 and has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. We turned back around in Chandler and drove west where we found a part of the old road and Arcadia’s Round Barn which was built in 1898 and has been a part of Route 66 history ever since.

Oklahoma - Route 66

Oklahoma – Route 66

We were ready to head back to Serenity when we noticed what appeared to be a large neon soda bottle down the road. Of course we had to investigate. Well we ran across Pops Soda Ranch (http://route66.com/40.0.html) – a little restaurant, shake shop, and of course soda store. The soda bottle and straw out front soars 66 feet above Route 66 (of course), and they over 600 verities of soda for sale. We picked up a few bottles of some strange flavors to share with the kids when we get back to Seattle (I would say what we got – but I want them to be surprised).

Oklahoma - Pops

Oklahoma – Pops Soda Ranch

We figured nothing could top a 66 foot tool neon soda bottle so we headed back to the RV to rest up for our trip into Kansas.

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