Long Days Before Dopey

The months of training had come to an end. I could no longer say – well the Dopey Challenge oh that’s a long way off – it was now only days away. It was Tuesday and we had to get up at 3am to finish some last minute packing and then head to the airport.

It is always a long day when we travel from Seattle to Orlando – but we had no idea how long this day would really become. To save some money we got some cheaper flights on Southwest and had to change planes in Milwaukee. The flight from Seattle to Milwaukee was full and took off a little late. Since we were scheduled for only a 30 minute layover we were a little concerned about making the next flight (little did we know we had nothing to worry about). Well we got into Milwaukee and there was conflicting information – the screens at the airport said the flight to Orlando was on time; however the Southwest website said it was delayed.  Turns out our 30 minute layover turned into something like 7 hours.  Needless to say we were not going to be able to make our dinner plans with friends from the UK. We did meet other runners including a couple that were getting married Wednesday at Disney and then running the Dopey together.  After a very long day that included going to the wrong Disney resort to check in (we went to All Star Music – but were staying in All Star Movies) we got into our room around 2:30am.

Going to bed that late would not have been that bad except for the fact that we had to get up early to head to the race expo on Wednesday. Every Disney Race has an expo associated with it. This is where you pick up your race shirts and bibs. Of course there are tons of merchants that have all kinds of stuff for runners – everything from clothes, to torture devices that are used after runs to roll the tired muscles. Of course RunDisney has their official race merchandise on sale and New Balance has a booth with the official RunDisney shoes (which currently can only be purchased at the RunDisney Expos).

The RunDisney booth has been known to run out of merchandise early, and Leslie wanted to get in the line for the New Balance shoes so we had to be at the expo before it opened and before the busses would start arriving – the plan was to get there prior to 8:45 am.  Unlike previous events where the line for the New Balance shoes wrapped up and down and around the expo hall, New Balance had a new process. You could register and they would text you when it was your time to try on and buy shoes. Leslie went to stand in that line and I went over to get my race packets. I also wanted to get there early because I was going to have to trade in my shirts for a different size (they only have a limited number of number shirts available for trade and then you have to wait until someone trades in the size you need).  When I registered back in April of 2013 I requested XL shirts – I traded them in at the expo for mediums.

Our trip to the expo was a success – we got our race packets. We got what we wanted from the RunDisney booth and a few other places (like MarathonPhoto). We had some lunch and we were trying to decide if I should head over to the Magic Kingdom by myself for a haircut when Leslie received the text telling us to go to the New Balance booth. We each got a pair of RunDisney shoes – Minnie Mouse for Leslie and Sorcerer Mickey for me.  Overall we think the expo was better than the previous one we were at for the Dumbo Double Dare in Disneyland.

2014 Walt DisneyWorld Marathon Expo Haul

2014 Walt DisneyWorld Marathon Expo Haul

Here is what is in the picture – Leslie got two race bibs and two race shirts, she also bought 3 shirts. She also signed up for the Chear Squad so she has another shirt, a blanket and a clapper. I got 2 race bibs, 6 race shirts and bought one shirt and the hat.  We got Dopey window cling, a Dopey magment and 5 runDisney distance magnets. Of  course our cool new shoes can also be seen in the picture.  It was a good expo, but we might need another suitcase for the trip home

After we finished at the expo we headed over to the Magic Kingdom for my haircut in the barber shop on Main Street followed by dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern. After my haircut we wandered around the Magic Kingdom a little and started to fade quickly. The travel day before and only about 4 hours of sleep was taking its toll. Luckily we were able to get at least an hour early for our dinner. Dinner was wonderful and we headed straight back to the right resort to finish off the evening and get some sleep.

2 thoughts on “Long Days Before Dopey

  1. LOVE that you guys are blogging about this. Can’t wait to read the rest of it. Next year’s Dopey is only 11ish months away so I am living vicariously. Your HAUL from the Expo is damn impressive. Keep writing and post more pics!!

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