Sparkle Skirts To Beat Cancer!

Sparkle Skirts have become a regular part of my running since the first skirt I bought. When I started my running journey I was a plus sized lady in a regular sized running world. Sparkle Skirts stood out like a beacon of light carrying sizes even larger then I was at the time. I bought my first skirt to run as Minnie Mouse and I refuse to run in anything else. Oh the pockets! Even Bill has worn them! GASP!

014 WDW Half - EPCOT Photo Stop

014 WDW Half – EPCOT Photo Stop

I am running in June to help find a cure for cancer. Cancer has touched my life in too many ways to count but currently my father is struggling with cancer and my half-brother is in Hospice living out his last days. I want to find a cure for cancer and you can help and maybe get a Sparkle Skirt too!

Disclaimer:  I am NOT employed by Sparkle Skirts. I do not receive anything from them for telling people about them. I just love their products.

I’m all about spreading the love and sparkles. This is your chance to get ANY skirt you want, with such a minimal cost AND contribute to an amazing cause. Cancer Sucks and I am running to end cancer (it’s tax deductible!).  ALL PROCEEDS ARE FOR LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA SOCIETY.

So here’s how to get in on this great deal! Please read through so you know how to enter.

Raffle ticket is $20.  Everyone get one entry so it’s fair chance for everybody.   Of course, you are more than welcome to donate more than $20 but you only get one entry just like everyone else.

Get your entry at   Please do NOT make your donation as anonymous as I will need to know who you are to enter your name on the raffle.    Please also put:  Sparkle On in the notes so I know this is an entry for the raffle.  You will get an email from me to confirm you are in the raffle.

I will close the raffle on March 23, 2014 at 11pm PST and will announce the winner on March 24, 2014 at 12pm PST.

I will use a random generator site ( to select the name of the winner.  You will be able to check your entry to make sure your name is entered to the system.


Let’s all get together and kill cancer for good. Who is with me?

I am running for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Cancer has really effected my life in so many ways and honestly right now in my life more then most other times. My half-brother is in hospice living out his final days. My dad has prostate cancer again and has decided not to go through chemotherapy. One of my dear friends 11-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. The reality of it all is CANCER SUCKS!

Bill and I have decided to run a race in honor of all those that suffer from this awful thing. Not just the people that have it but also their family and friends. I want to raise as much money as I can to end cancer. Would you like to be a part of that?

If you are interested here are the links to our donation pages.



Help us end cancer.