Many of you may know I have a minor obsession with hats. Part of that obsession began because of Easter. One of the things my mother is quite good at is celebrating holidays. It didn’t matter if it was big holiday or something completely meaningless to everyone else we celebrated. This is something I appreciate because really shouldn’t we all celebrate life every day?

So every Easter, I got a new dress with new shoes and a hat to wear to church. I didn’t care about shoes at all and frequently left them random places and dresses were basically necessary apparel or so I was told. We wont mention how often I removed other clothing my mother thought was a necessity before church and was often found on the way to church missing random bits of clothing. I become quite used to what my mother deemed “Jesus shoes” which was brown paper bag she had duct taped to my feet and we shouldn’t discuss extra pairs of panties that were always kept in the glove box in case of emergency. No matter the things I may have left behind, no pun intended, I always remembered my hat.

When traveling to Disney the only thing I ever wanted was a hat with Mickey ears. I coveted them when I saw lucky kids skipping through the park with their precious ears on their little heads. Being one of 3 children my Mother’s perspective clearly was that if she bought them for me she would have to buy them for the boys too and that was clearly not going to happen. I was sad and forlorn each time I left and had not procured a pair of ears for myself.

I then had a 10-year period of darkness where there was no Disney in my life. Then in 2008 my younger brother decided to get married and Bill agreed to go with me to Orlando and Disney. Little did he know what he was getting himself into. Bill had never been to Disney even though he has two children (SACRELEDGE I Tell you!). So I prepared an excellent trip to tour him around my favorite place on earth. When we got there I knew that this trip would bring to an end the long awaited years without ears. I went into the shops and looked and knew it had to be the perfect pair. I was not after 33 long years going to simply buy just any pair, no it had to be the right pair. We toured the parks for four beautiful days and it was upon that fourth day I entered a tiny little hole in the wall shop next to Pirates of the Caribbean. (The shop sadly no longer exists.) My eyes held fast to the most beautiful pair of ears ever to exist. Pirate Mickey Ears! Once I put the ears on that trip, I was happier then I had been any other trip, everything was now finally right in the world.

Leslie's First Ears

When Bill and I were married a year later there was no doubt what was needed for our wedding.

Wedding hats

Each trip I have been back I found fallen in love and purchased another set of ears or hat. One day though me world came to a halt yet again and it was my birthday! Bill and I were walking through the parks and low and behold a masterpiece of Disney headgear! A Castle Hat! I looked at Bill and he knew that I must have that hat! We had been to the parks dozens of times and we never saw THAT hat. I ran over to the man wearing the masterpiece and asked where he had found it and were dismayed to find it was only sold for a short period of time nearly a decade ago. I know that if you do not purchase something you find in the park that you love you will likely never see it again. I was distraught that this masterpiece would never be mine but settled on the thought that maybe someday I might find one on eBay. We carried on with our day. After choosing a spot to view the nighttime parade and waiting for it to start I picked up my phone and went to add a search to my eBay app so that if anyone ever listed the hat I would be notified. Low and behold there was one right there on eBay! My head swirled in delight as I squealed with glee. Bill inquired what I was squeaking on about and he grinned from ear to ear and said “Buy IT!” There was a Buy It Now and so that is precisely what I did! The week went by slowly waiting for the delivery but when the box arrived at my brother and sister-in-law’s house they called us to let us know. We dashed over excited to see our masterpiece hat. My niece being the perceptive little one shouts “It’s a CASTLE!” Yes even at two years old I have trained her well.

Castle Hat

This is the masterpiece of our collection. We have picked up many other unique and quite strange hats over the years and I hope to continue my search for even more fun and interesting hats. You are welcome to borrow them when you visit just let me know which ones you bring. The castle has now traveled to a dozen or more states and I use it to cheer friends at races Disney or not because it brings so many smiles.

More Hats

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