Month of Gratitude


I have been trying to stay off Facebook more than not for my mental health. So it is difficult for me to do 30 days of gratitude day by day so here it goes for the month. In no particular order:

1 Bill. I am so gateful to have him in my life to teach me how to be stronger than I have ever had to be and to teach me what “In sickness and in health” really means. LOL

Wedding hats

2 My home. It is small and doesn’t stay warm well in winter but it has taken me on so many adventures.

Fresh Clean Serenity

Fresh Clean Serenity

3 Sunny aka the big yellow taxi (the jeep) closing in on 200,000 miles and more memories than I can count.

Sunny in the trees and by the water

Sunny in the trees and by the water

4 Isabella the niece I always wanted and had no clue I needed. She is my favorite little girl in the whole world and she makes me smile with her love and laugh with her diva.


Nugget And Nieceling

5 Harrison he had my heart the moment our eyes met. He loves his big sister in such an amazing way and I love watching him as he grows.

6 Michael – my older brother who always has an ear to me to chatter into and has never given up on me and my ridiculous ways.

7 John – my “little” brother who is an amazing father and shows me what true love is when he looks at his wife and kids.

8 Eunice the sister I always wanted and Johnny was kind enough to provide for me.

9 Sparkle Skirts – When I started running I didn’t want everything I owned to be black. As a larger women it was nearly impossible to find running clothes that fit and looked good. Now I am far from a fashionista as most of you should know but Sparkle skirts has given me something I love to wear and helped with so many costumes.

2014 Dopey Half - Donald and Daisy Ready for a Little Run

2014 Dopey Half – Donald and Daisy Ready for a Little Run

10 Disney- It brings me so much happiness I cannot begin to express the many memories.

11 Dr Fortune from Celebration Hospital without you Bill might not be here or could have dropped at any point and died. You helped discover the 95% blockage that no stress test or other test had shown and since Bill had no symptoms the only other way we would have known about it would have been when he died.

12 Dr Zivin with Swedish Seattle for taking the time to listen and do further tests that helped us know that it isn’t an electrical issue and gave us more security in what happened and what to do in the future. (and to all your staff that have been amazing)

13 Dr Seike from Swedish Edmonds for helping us through the tests and listening to our concerns. (and to all your staff that have been amazing)

14 Priceline for refunding my money on part of my trip that had to be cancelled.

15 That I have the money to plan and take vacations even when sometimes things don’t work as planned.

16 For ALL the amazing vacations I have had where no one got hurt or had to go to the hospital or even got sick.

Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod National Seashore

17 The 3 people on vacation back in September that stepped in to help a stranger and saved Bill’s life.

18 The creators of Halter Monitors – who knew such a thing existed that could track your heart rate and rhythm and send the info back to your doctor instantaneously. Thank you for having the will to discover something new that help so many people.

19 The creators of mindless games like Candy Crush that helped me distract my brain from the nightmare I was living through in several situations. Yes they can be distracting from good things but they were the big thing that got me through all the waiting in the hospital.

20 Dave Asprey for making Bulletproof Coffee. Nothing has helped my depression and my brain fog like his brain octane. It has cleared the cobwebs

21 The makers of Gluten Free mac n cheese. Yeah I know this might seem dumb but sometimes you just HAVE to have some comfort food and it’s nice to have the option for something that tastes like what I am looking for without the painful side effects of the gluten.

22 iphones I remember how boring it was to sit in a hospital room for hours on end without access to the information I wanted. Listening to doctors say things that meant nothing without access to the information in laymans terms.

23 Along with the above the internet. Everyone says “Don’t google a diagnosis” and for some that is wise but for me knowledge is power. I was able to ask the right questions and be more knowledgeable about what was happening because of the information I was able to find. You can easily go down the rabbit hole and end up overwhelmed if you aren’t careful but if you know where to look and what to read you can get lots of great information.

24 Cypress Pointe Resort in Orlando – For having big sunken bathtubs for me to soak in each night to help me cope.

25 Walgreens for being available everywhere so I can get prescriptions filled and still have access to them when I get home from “vacation”.

26 All of you for your thoughts and prayers over the several years my life has been falling to pieces. I look forward to someday when I can truly be myself again without the mass of overwhelming stress that has befallen me the last few years.

27 Facebook because it makes my life easier when I need to communicate things to people around the world and because it allows me to follow my friends and their lives so much easier. Even if we don’t talk a lot I can still know that your kids are growing or your new puppy has gotten into something funny.

28 Youtube where else can you go to watch videos of animals doing ridiculous things, kids being surprised with trips to Disney or puppies, hamsters eating broccoli, all manner of things to make you smile or laugh when you think its impossible to smile or laugh.

29 Washer and drier because really laundry would be a pain in the butt if we didn’t have them. There are so many conveniences in life that we take for granite every day that make our lives so much easier.

30 Life the thing we take for granite the most. We just assume every day that we will have tomorrow or that our spouse or loved one has tomorrow but you can’t know that. Love life and tell people you love that you love them. You may assume they know but you might be surprised how much they need to hear it. Love each other too. Even if you don’t know someone try and love them because the world right now isn’t guaranteed to be a nice place so we each need to take a moment to do what we personally can to make the world a nicer place.

If you read this whole thing I am impressed. LOL Thank you for being here.

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