Day of Gratitude

Gratitude is something I was taught from a very young age. It was taken very seriously in my home. If you were ungrateful you lost privileges or socks (ask my brother about that one). Lately life has been tough and so I have started doing a mental list of all the things I am grateful for (You know you don’t have to wait until November to be thankful? Wink)


I woke up with morning and I was grateful for the comfortable bed I have to sleep in. I opened my eyes and was so grateful I could see. I sat up and could smell coffee Bill was brewing and I was grateful I can smell and that I have an amazing husband that makes me coffee. I stood up and was grateful I can walk and have all my important body parts. I was also glad that when I stood up there was no water on my floor (thanks to Melissa for that one). I turned on the light and was grateful for electricity that allows me to do so many things every day.

I walked to the bathroom and was grateful for indoor plumbing. Indoor plumbing is something I am consciously grateful for almost every single day. Every time I use a porta-potty or a trough toilet at a park it is a reminder that I must be grateful for indoor plumbing. I turned on the water to wash my hands and I was grateful I have clean running water. I picked up my toothbrush and was grateful I have teeth to brush that have cost me a lot of money but are still strong and allow me to eat the things that need chewing.

I went to my office and sat down at my computer and was grateful for the internet and a computer that works. Even on days when it doesn’t work the way I want it to I am still grateful that I have access to such an amazing piece of technology. I opened my email and began to work. I am grateful for all the people that hire me to do work on their homes and stores. It allows me to pay my bills and makes my world a better place. I am grateful to the Small Business Assoc. for all the help they gave me to set up my business. I am ever so grateful to my tech, Gene. Without him my dream of owning this company would be impossible. He is my partner and my friend and my work husband. I am so very lucky to have him as part of my company and my life.

I got up and got dressed to go out on a job. I am grateful I have all the clothes I could need. I have clothes for warm days and cold days and multiple pairs of shoes to choose from. I got into my car that I can afford to own and even pay for repairs when it needs them and gas to fuel it. I drove on roads that are paved and generally easy to drive on and was grateful even when I got stuck in traffic. I got to my job and got paid to change lightbulbs and repair holes in walls and that makes me crazy grateful to have a job I enjoy that is something new almost every day and pays money that allows me to afford trips to places like Disney or road trips to beautiful National Parks.

At this point I think we all get the point. There are just so many things I take for granted every day that I need to stop and see all these things are luxuries. Switching your way of thinking to be grateful changes so much. I want for next to nothing. I need to stop and see all the things I need to be grateful for because really a life without indoor plumbing would just be crap. LOL

PS: I had no idea my last post was last November and talked about gratitude as well. LOL

One thought on “Day of Gratitude

  1. I see a theme here…!
    One of the things I am grateful for I’d you and Bill in our lives!

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