Send Out Cards is changing my life

I have often been told that I care too much for people. Many times this has been a determent to my income potential when working in a cutthroat office or other similar jobs. I have never really wanted more then to help people. This has more often then not landed me in dead end jobs working for peanuts. Because I am persistent many times I have been promoted to jobs where I excelled except that I hated them. These jobs took me away from meeting people and getting to know people.

Many years ago I read, “What Color is your Parachute”. The book helps you find what you are good at and what job might work best for you. It told me I am a people person. I am meant to work in a position that puts me in regular contact with customers. Customer Service in this country has become an afterthought for so many companies. They are the lowest paid job in spite of the fact they are one of the most important commodities. So in order to not make poverty level income I forced myself into positions at companies where I could make enough money to survive but my soul was never in them. I never thrived except when I was a convention coordinator and traveled around the world meeting new people but unfortunately the economy crashed and with it the one job I could love was no longer available.

Then I found Send Out Cards. The way to thrive in Send Out Cards is to love people. In order to succeed you must want everyone around you to succeed. This is one area I have the most strength and prior to now has been a weakness. Now I just love people and I make money. Now I just share this amazing gift with people and I can thrive. Now I found the thing I was meant to do. Who doesn’t want to work for a greeting card and gifting company? It truly is becoming a dream come true. If I was put on this earth for one thing it was to care deeply for those around me and now I have finally found a way to do that.

If you would like to experience this gift of Sending Cards and making other people feel special let me know and I am happy to share it with you. If you think you might be interested in making money by making other people happy I am your girl. Give me a call or send me an email and I will show you the best gift I have ever been given.

Not only that but next year our company convention is at the Happiest Place On Earth. How can you not want to be a part of this Revolution of Kindness? Watch closely as this changes my life because it already has but I have just scratched the surface on where this ride is going to take me. You know that roller coaster of life I am on? Well I just reached the top of that first big hill and I am ready to ride!


Many of you may know I have a minor obsession with hats. Part of that obsession began because of Easter. One of the things my mother is quite good at is celebrating holidays. It didn’t matter if it was big holiday or something completely meaningless to everyone else we celebrated. This is something I appreciate because really shouldn’t we all celebrate life every day?

So every Easter, I got a new dress with new shoes and a hat to wear to church. I didn’t care about shoes at all and frequently left them random places and dresses were basically necessary apparel or so I was told. We wont mention how often I removed other clothing my mother thought was a necessity before church and was often found on the way to church missing random bits of clothing. I become quite used to what my mother deemed “Jesus shoes” which was brown paper bag she had duct taped to my feet and we shouldn’t discuss extra pairs of panties that were always kept in the glove box in case of emergency. No matter the things I may have left behind, no pun intended, I always remembered my hat.

When traveling to Disney the only thing I ever wanted was a hat with Mickey ears. I coveted them when I saw lucky kids skipping through the park with their precious ears on their little heads. Being one of 3 children my Mother’s perspective clearly was that if she bought them for me she would have to buy them for the boys too and that was clearly not going to happen. I was sad and forlorn each time I left and had not procured a pair of ears for myself.

I then had a 10-year period of darkness where there was no Disney in my life. Then in 2008 my younger brother decided to get married and Bill agreed to go with me to Orlando and Disney. Little did he know what he was getting himself into. Bill had never been to Disney even though he has two children (SACRELEDGE I Tell you!). So I prepared an excellent trip to tour him around my favorite place on earth. When we got there I knew that this trip would bring to an end the long awaited years without ears. I went into the shops and looked and knew it had to be the perfect pair. I was not after 33 long years going to simply buy just any pair, no it had to be the right pair. We toured the parks for four beautiful days and it was upon that fourth day I entered a tiny little hole in the wall shop next to Pirates of the Caribbean. (The shop sadly no longer exists.) My eyes held fast to the most beautiful pair of ears ever to exist. Pirate Mickey Ears! Once I put the ears on that trip, I was happier then I had been any other trip, everything was now finally right in the world.

Leslie's First Ears

When Bill and I were married a year later there was no doubt what was needed for our wedding.

Wedding hats

Each trip I have been back I found fallen in love and purchased another set of ears or hat. One day though me world came to a halt yet again and it was my birthday! Bill and I were walking through the parks and low and behold a masterpiece of Disney headgear! A Castle Hat! I looked at Bill and he knew that I must have that hat! We had been to the parks dozens of times and we never saw THAT hat. I ran over to the man wearing the masterpiece and asked where he had found it and were dismayed to find it was only sold for a short period of time nearly a decade ago. I know that if you do not purchase something you find in the park that you love you will likely never see it again. I was distraught that this masterpiece would never be mine but settled on the thought that maybe someday I might find one on eBay. We carried on with our day. After choosing a spot to view the nighttime parade and waiting for it to start I picked up my phone and went to add a search to my eBay app so that if anyone ever listed the hat I would be notified. Low and behold there was one right there on eBay! My head swirled in delight as I squealed with glee. Bill inquired what I was squeaking on about and he grinned from ear to ear and said “Buy IT!” There was a Buy It Now and so that is precisely what I did! The week went by slowly waiting for the delivery but when the box arrived at my brother and sister-in-law’s house they called us to let us know. We dashed over excited to see our masterpiece hat. My niece being the perceptive little one shouts “It’s a CASTLE!” Yes even at two years old I have trained her well.

Castle Hat

This is the masterpiece of our collection. We have picked up many other unique and quite strange hats over the years and I hope to continue my search for even more fun and interesting hats. You are welcome to borrow them when you visit just let me know which ones you bring. The castle has now traveled to a dozen or more states and I use it to cheer friends at races Disney or not because it brings so many smiles.

More Hats

Sparkle Skirts To Beat Cancer!

Sparkle Skirts have become a regular part of my running since the first skirt I bought. When I started my running journey I was a plus sized lady in a regular sized running world. Sparkle Skirts stood out like a beacon of light carrying sizes even larger then I was at the time. I bought my first skirt to run as Minnie Mouse and I refuse to run in anything else. Oh the pockets! Even Bill has worn them! GASP!

014 WDW Half - EPCOT Photo Stop

014 WDW Half – EPCOT Photo Stop

I am running in June to help find a cure for cancer. Cancer has touched my life in too many ways to count but currently my father is struggling with cancer and my half-brother is in Hospice living out his last days. I want to find a cure for cancer and you can help and maybe get a Sparkle Skirt too!

Disclaimer:  I am NOT employed by Sparkle Skirts. I do not receive anything from them for telling people about them. I just love their products.

I’m all about spreading the love and sparkles. This is your chance to get ANY skirt you want, with such a minimal cost AND contribute to an amazing cause. Cancer Sucks and I am running to end cancer (it’s tax deductible!).  ALL PROCEEDS ARE FOR LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA SOCIETY.

So here’s how to get in on this great deal! Please read through so you know how to enter.

Raffle ticket is $20.  Everyone get one entry so it’s fair chance for everybody.   Of course, you are more than welcome to donate more than $20 but you only get one entry just like everyone else.

Get your entry at   Please do NOT make your donation as anonymous as I will need to know who you are to enter your name on the raffle.    Please also put:  Sparkle On in the notes so I know this is an entry for the raffle.  You will get an email from me to confirm you are in the raffle.

I will close the raffle on March 23, 2014 at 11pm PST and will announce the winner on March 24, 2014 at 12pm PST.

I will use a random generator site ( to select the name of the winner.  You will be able to check your entry to make sure your name is entered to the system.


Let’s all get together and kill cancer for good. Who is with me?

I am running for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Cancer has really effected my life in so many ways and honestly right now in my life more then most other times. My half-brother is in hospice living out his final days. My dad has prostate cancer again and has decided not to go through chemotherapy. One of my dear friends 11-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. The reality of it all is CANCER SUCKS!

Bill and I have decided to run a race in honor of all those that suffer from this awful thing. Not just the people that have it but also their family and friends. I want to raise as much money as I can to end cancer. Would you like to be a part of that?

If you are interested here are the links to our donation pages.



Help us end cancer.



Who Are You Calling Dopey

The alarm clock when off at some ridiculous time in the morning and I thought to myself really again. Then I realized it was Sunday otherwise known as Marathon Day. It would be the last day I would have to get up really early and go run (at least for a while).  With the practice we had we had the routine down pretty good and were soon heading out the door.  Leslie was not running, but she had plans to do lots of ChEaring so she had a backpack full of various supplies and 12 pounds of clementines. Of course I was dressed as Snow White (in honor of the Dopey) and had a backpack full of water, nut butter packets, nunn tablets (electrolyte replacement like Gatorade but without the sugars) and various other things I might need along the way.

2014 Dopey Full - Ready To Get Dopey

2014 Dopey Full – Ready To Get Dopey

We got over to EPCOT and met up with our friends. We managed to get a great group shot this morning before we started to wander off.

2014 Dopey Full - Group Picture Before the Race

2014 Dopey Full – Group Picture Before the Race

I went into the race retreat tent to use the facilities and also see what character was there. It was Mary Poppins, Bert and Penguins again.  Since I was different – I decided to get another picture. I think I confused Bert – he told me I had a nice bow tie.

2014 Dopey Full - A nice Bow Tie?

2014 Dopey Full – A nice Bow Tie?

Since we had some additional time to kill I got a picture taken with a Green Army Man also.

2014  Dopey Full - Snow White and Green Army Man

2014 Dopey Full – Snow White and Green Army Man

It was time to head to the corals and Niki, Steve, Nichole and I started the long walk together.  As we walked we chatted about a variety of things and were amazed as Niki found places to stash her food she was taking with her for the race. We got to the point where we split up going to our corals – we were all in separate ones and told each other to have a good race.

Now I was in the coral by myself – well not really by myself but not with anyone that I knew and it hit me.  I have completed 3 of the 4 days of the challenge or 75%, however I also knew that over the last 3 days I ran 22.4 miles and when cross the start line I would have complete 26.2 miles.  I knew that I could go the distance, but I was concerned about staying ahead of the balloon ladies if my knee should give me problems and make me walk. The time passed and started our slow walk up to the start line.  I must have really been more stressed out about the marathon than I thought – I do not have a picture of the start line. I know I started – I have lots of pictures from the race.

This section inserted later – I started this blog Friday and got a little past this point. Earlier in the week Leslie and I signed up with Team in Training for the Seattle Half Marathon in June. Saturday was our first team training run in Seattle for 40 minutes, however since I am doing a half later in February I really needed to run more than 40 minutes today. I went out in the afternoon to run another 7 miles and the fact that I did not get a picture of the start line was bugging me. I remember the fireworks – there were more fireworks for the Marathon than the halves I have done with Disney. I could not believe that I did not get a picture – then I thought to look at the pictures in my phone and sure enough – I took them with my phone and not the camera I was carrying.

2014 Dopey Full - Start Line

2014 Dopey Full – Start Line

Since I was concerned about my knee I knew I would need to make sure I started slow to get it warmed up, so my plan was to walk the first mile. I stopped to take a picture of the mile marker (and got all of them except for one), and then started with my intervals. To force myself to not go to too fast I changed my intervals to have a longer walk segment. As I could hear the fireworks and knew the corals behind me were starting – it was hard not to run or speed up, but I knew that I needed to pace myself.

Things were going well I got the turn and started down World Drive, and was disappointed. On both of the halves I ran at Walt Disney World, Captain Jack and the pirate ship are in this section of the run – and they were not there. I was planning on stopping for a photo.  Oh well it will allow me to continue on without stopping and get some more distance between me and the balloon ladies.

Continued down World Drive and went thru the gates to the Magic Kingdom parking area.  I am not really sure where – but somewhere either before or soon after this I caught up with Nichole.  Nichole was recovering from an injury and could not run much and was doing the Dopey walking. I knew that Leslie would be waiting at the Ticket and Transit Center and told Nichole I would walk with her until we got to Leslie. We had a good for about a mile and then saw the Castle – no not the Castle in the park – the one on Leslie’s head.   We said a brief hi to Leslie and continued on – this was a little before mile 4 – there were still a lot of miles to go.

2014 Dopey Full - Bill and Nichole Just Before Mile 4

2014 Dopey Full – Bill and Nichole Just Before Mile 4

I said goodbye to Nichole and started my intervals again. This time when I got near the Contemporary Hotel, I actually went off to the side and stopped to get the picture. I kind of thought for a moment about waiting and getting a monorail in the shot and figured I should just keep swimming.

2014 Dopey Full - Contemporary Hotel - Should have waited for the monorail

2014 Dopey Full – Contemporary Hotel – Should have waited for the monorail

The guy with the big Mickey hands was on the water bridge, but I don’t remember what he was saying this time – it was not as funny, but given we had not yet gotten to mile 5 and they were telling us we could go the distance was, well a bit like the people that yell out at mile 5 of 26 saying your almost there.  Sorry the picture is a bit blurred – I could not stop.

2014 Dopey Full - Just Keep Swimming (part 2)

2014 Dopey Full – Just Keep Swimming (part 2)

Right as we rounded the turn off World Drive onto the road that would take us backstage at the Magic Kingdom I stopped to get a picture of the mile 5 marker. It was also a great place to get a shot of Space Mountain.

2014 Dopey Full - Space Mountain in the Morning Light

2014 Dopey Full – Space Mountain in the Morning Light

Then thru the backstage area and onto Main Street.  Even though I was just running thru the Magic Kingdom 24 hours earlier, it was still so very cool to run thru the park. Perhaps someday I will tire of it – but it will take a lot of runs thru the park before I can imagine it.

2014 Dopey Full - Main Street USA and the Castle

2014 Dopey Full – Main Street USA and the Castle

Like the day before it was on to Tomorrowland – but today I got pictures.

2014 Dopey Full - Heading into TommorowLand

2014 Dopey Full – Heading into TommorowLand

As I crossed into Tommorowland I was on the far right hand side of the path. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a cast member on the left with pins.  I stopped and had to wait a moment and then dodge back and forth across the runners to get the other side of the road. When asked why Bill crosses the path – clearly it is for a pin trade.  I traded for a villains bowling pin and was on my way to the line for pictures with Buzz.

2014 Dopey Full - Snow White and Buzz Lightyear

Everyone gets there picture taken in front of the castle, however there were a group of maintenance men hanging out cheering on the runners – They got a kick out of my costume, so I asked if they could snap my picture. I started to concern me when guy got down low to take a picture (good thing there are shorts under the sparkle skirts).   I also decided to get a picture of the back of the castle, since I knew the pictures of the front would be on my MarathonPhoto disk.

2014 Dopey Full - Ninth Wonder of the World - The Backside of the Castle

2014 Dopey Full – Ninth Wonder of the World – The Backside of the Castle

On to Liberty Square. Louis from the Princess and the Frog was there again. I know Leslie really wanted a picture with him, so I did not stop when we did the half. I decided to stop and get the picture during the Marathon.  And of course I had to stop and get another picture with the train – being careful not to get any grease on my hand this time.

2014 Dopey Full - Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Tracks

2014 Dopey Full – Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Tracks

Rapunzel and Flynn were out at the float behind stage and I was tempted – but the line was long.  As I got to mile 7 I saw that Golfer Donald was out, or course Royal Mickey and Minnie were by the castle.

2014 Dopey Full - Golfer Donald (he does not get his own cart)

2014 Dopey Full – Golfer Donald (he does not get his own cart)

The course for the first 8 or so miles of the marathon is the same as half, actually both halves I ran there.  Shortly after mile 8 the course differs – instead of running past the Speedway – we run into it.

Dopey 2014 Full - The Course

Dopey 2014 Full – The Course

Our friend Mellisa ran the Goofy last year and said the ramp down under the track and then back up was murder on her knees.  I could see why – there is no other way of putting it – it sucked.  I have to admit I was kind of disappointed with the inside of the Speedway. I believe last year they had Lightning there – he was not there this year. They did have a mini car show – but it really paled in comparison to the miles of cars at the Disneyland half

2014 Dopey Full - Speedway

2014 Dopey Full – Speedway

Most people that read this know that we have spent a few winters hanging out in the Orlando area and of course spent a lot of time at Disney. Our GPS always showed what appeared to be a Mickey head shaped lake in the middle of the track, and it also shows up on Google maps.  I was really disappointed that I did not see it, perhaps if I climbed to the top of the track I might have – but that seemed like a lot of work and since mile 9 was in the track – I still had 17 to go and did not want to expend the energy that would have been required.

We headed out of the track and instead of going back up World Drive towards EPCOT, we went off on Bear Island Road – one that I have never been on before (even driving around the parks).  Between mile 9 and 10 there was a photo stop with Millicent and the Shadow Man. I was feeling pretty good about stopping and being able to maintain a good pace – but I did not stop.

It was obvious that this was not a road within Disney World that is not one that guests would travel, the landscaping was nothing like the guest areas of the complex.  I am now somewhere between mile 10 and 11 and off to the side of the road ahead I see a large alligator. For a moment this concerned me, but I realized it did not move and the runners nearer to it were not at all concerned.  In the picture below you will see a road going off to the right – down the road was a gate and fences – that had a sign that said high security area – I wonder if that is the area where they relocate the alligators to.

2014 Dopey Full - Incentive to Run Faster

2014 Dopey Full – Incentive to Run Faster

There were little signs along the side of the road asking “Are your Dogs Barking Yet?” – I did not get a picture, but then it became clear. There were 3 famous Disney Dogs available for pictures, Pluto, Bolt and Doug. Since Doug was there I had to stop for a picture.

2014 Dopey Full - Dogs a Barking

2014 Dopey Full – Dogs a Barking

As I approached mile 11 I knew this area was not on the normal tour. There was a sign to the Recycle Transfer Station and the parking area for the garbage trucks – they could have painted them a bit nicer.

2014 Dopey Full - This is Not on the Nornal Tour

2014 Dopey Full – This is Not on the Nornal Tour

As we continued on we passed Captain Hook and Smee  on the side of the road and down the road a little is the horticulture area. I did not see any topiaries, just lots of green houses and shrubs.

2014 Dopey Full - Where are the Topiaries

2014 Dopey Full – Where are the Topiaries

A little before the mile 12 marker, we enter the back stage area of Animal Kingdom. I did spot a cast member with pins, but decided to wait until I got in the park (mistake – I did not get a trade done in the park). However there was a resting area for the cast members that walk on the stilts.

014 Dopey Full - Seating for Really Tall People

014 Dopey Full – Seating for Really Tall People

And I got my picture taken with a bird – I need to send this our friends Char and Forest to identify the bird for me. And Dottie with her Marathon bib – I don’t think she ran the whole thing.

2014 Dopey Full - WIldlife in Animal Kingdom

2014 Dopey Full – WIldlife in Animal Kingdom

After mile 12 we got into the actual guest area of the park and I stopped for a picture with Jiminy Cricket and also Minnie and Daisy.  Although I did not stop with Baloo.

2014 Dopey Full - Picture Stops in Animal Kingdom

2014 Dopey Full – Picture Stops in Animal Kingdom

When I went by Expedition Everest – I was tempted.   I was pleased with the pace I was keeping given how many stops I was making for mile marker sign and standing in lines for characters, but the area was a mess with a couple of tour groups, so I just carried on.

2014 Dopey Full - Expedition Everest

2014 Dopey Full – Expedition Everest

Mile 13 was in a back stage area of Animal Kingdom and the cast members and volunteers in the area making a big deal about being half way done.  I yelled back at them that us Dopeys hit our half way point around mile 2 and we are now way beyond half. This got great responses from the other Dopeys in the area.   I was surprised to see Mickey and his safari trucks in the parking lot of Animal Kingdom, but realized that the Magic Kingdom was open, so Royal Mickey and Minnie no longer needed to be by the Castle.

2014 Dopey Full - Safari Mickey

2014 Dopey Full – Safari Mickey

I knew there were going to be a few miles of road again until we got to ESPN.

2014 Dopey Full - More Miles To Go (And Leslie Wonders Why I Walk in the Road)

2014 Dopey Full – More Miles To Go (And Leslie Wonders Why I Walk in the Road)

It is good that they got some of the grave diggers working overtime to get rid of the bodies of the runners that could not go on and were scattered along the sides of the road.

2014 Dopey Full - I Can Not Go On

2014 Dopey Full – I Can Not Go On

When I got to the marker for mile 16 I had to stop and get a picture – Snow White was on the marker. As I was standing there taking my picture a woman ran up to me and asked if she could get my picture by the sign, and also offered to get a picture of me with the marker with my camera for me

2014 Dopey Full - Snow White and Snow White

2014 Dopey Full – Snow White and Snow White

Around mile 16.5 or so we turn off of Osceola Parkway and onto S. Victory Way by the ESPN sign. There are miles and miles of running within ESPN – but I also knew that Leslie was waiting for me with a clementine in Champions Stadium.

2014 Dopey Full - Made it to ESPN Wide World of Sports

2014 Dopey Full – Made it to ESPN Wide World of Sports

There is a lot of running in the ESPN complex – close to 3 miles. Each time it looked like we were running to the Stadium we would turn and run away from it again. It was nice running on the track – they should really make a whole separate 26 mile long path made of that cushy stuff for the marathon.

014 Dopey Full - Miles to go Inside ESPN

014 Dopey Full – Miles to go Inside ESPN

At various times during the race my confidence of finishing got stronger. When I made it thru the Magic Kingdom with a good average pace that was increasing my lead on the balloon ladies even though I walked a good bit and stopped for lots of pictures it made me feel good. When I got to Animal Kingdom and was still maintaining a good pace and felt great I really started to believe that even if my knee gave me problems I would be able to finish.  Well by the time I got to Champions Stadium, which is right before mile 20 and I was not feeling like I have gone 20 miles and I was convinced that I would complete the run without my knee hurting.

I entered the stadium and went over to the side to take a picture, and then I started to run the course around keeping my eyes open for the castle hat.

2014 Dopey Full - Inside Champions Stadium

2014 Dopey Full – Inside Champions Stadium

I found Leslie and collected my clementine. Leslie purchased a Dopey hat from Disneyland Paris and was going to surprise me with it after I earned my Dopey. I ruined her surprise when I found the hat about a week before we left. She had the hat and swapped out my Dumbo hat with the bow for the Dopey hat for the last 6 miles of the run. I stood and ate my clementine, changed my hat and chatted with Leslie for a couple of minutes before continuing the run.

2014 Dopey Full - Champions Stadium Time for a Hat Change

2014 Dopey Full – Champions Stadium Time for a Hat Change

After leaving stadium we had a little more running to do in the ESPN center before we went back on the roads heading to Hollywood Studios. As I was running on Osceola Parkway towards ESPN there was a steady stream of running going the other direction, but by the time I got back on the Parkway they were cleaning up the other direction.  In the 20th mile were some signs with Disney quotes on them.   I started to tear up a bit when thought to myself a year ago I dreamed of doing the Goofy and today was doing the Dopey.

2014 Dopey Full - A Few Words from Walt

2014 Dopey Full – A Few Words from Walt

Somewhere in the 21st mile I managed to get a pebble in my shoe, sometimes it will work itself into a place where you can just ignore it, but that was not the case. I went the side and sat on a guard rail and took my shoe off – as soon as I did this other runners would ask if I was OK. It was not long before a medic on a bicycle rode by and also checked on me.  Pebble out of shoe and I continued on to get my second picture with a Green Army Man today.

2014 Dopey Full - Second Green Army Man of the Day

2014 Dopey Full – Second Green Army Man of the Day

As I started to climb the overpass  that goes over the entrance to Hollywood Studios Parking  I thought that I was soon going to enter the park – I did not realize that we were headed another mile down World Drive and would enter the Park at the other end.

2014 Dopey Full - Getting Near Hollywood Studios

2014 Dopey Full – Getting Near Hollywood Studios

The 22nd mile was fun – we entered the Hollywood Studios backstage area near The Hollywood Tower of Terror.  I then spotted Wreck-It-Ralph and got a quick picture with him before following the path along where the backstage tour travels. We actually ran thru the tunnel area where the tour shows the costuming area.

2014 Dopey Full - Hollywood Studios Back Lot Tour

2014 Dopey Full – Hollywood Studios Back Lot Tour

I must have really gotten into absorbing the experience of running thru Hollywood Studios – I did not get a picture of the Mile 23 sign.  I think this was the only sign I missed on all 4 runs.  As I ran down New York Street in the Studios – I saw a cast member with pins on.  I ran over and at first he looked a little confused. I scored a “Wanna Trade?” pin as my second trade of the race.

2014 Dopey Full - In Hollywood Studios

2014 Dopey Full – In Hollywood Studios

We then exited the park and I had to stop to take a picture of Sorcerer Mickey and the Brooms at the front of the park.  I asked a woman who was watching the runners go by if she would take a picture for me.

2014 Dopey Full - Leaving Hollywood Studios

2014 Dopey Full – Leaving Hollywood Studios

There is a path that goes from the entrance of Hollywood Studios along the waterway to the Boardwalk area and then to the International Gate of EPCOT.  I know this well back in October we went to Orlando for a conference and spent a day and half at Disney before we flew back to Seattle. We stayed in the Boardwalk and since I had to do a 10K training run – I ran the path back and forth a number of times to get my 6.2 miles. I think I was starting to annoy a number of the others on the path. I was continuing to do my intervals and I could see there were people in pain just walking.

2014 Dopey Full - Boradwalk

2014 Dopey Full – Boradwalk

I approached the International Gate and did not realize that we were going to go to the right and backstage for a bit before entering the World Showcase.  However the man, or should I say Dwarf of the hour was there to great his fellow Dopeys. Of course I stopped for a picture.

2014 Dopey Full - Dopey with Snow Dopey

2014 Dopey Full – Dopey with Snow Dopey

We went backstage and entered the World Showcase on the side of the UK. Of course we had to get the entrance by the long route around – but after almost 25 miles what is a couple of more steps. I was on top of the world as I started my walk around the world. I got a few pictures here and there along the way.

2014 Dopey Full - The World Showcase

2014 Dopey Full – The World Showcase

And then I got to Germany. On the side of Germany is a spot with Snow White hangs out and greets guests.  As I got near I saw there was a line and then I saw she was there. I also noted the cast member standing at the end of the line and my heart sank. I left the course and ran over to the cast member who told me the line was closed and that Snow would be back in about 40 minutes.   I begged but of course she could not let me in the line.  I actually considered waiting – I mean how often do you run a marathon thru EPCOT dressed as Snow White with a Dopey Hat on and can get a picture with the real Snow White?  I have heard that once you get into Hollywood Studios if you are still moving they will let you finish no matter how long it takes.  If I am standing in line for a character picture – but pacing back and forth does that count as moving?

I thought about it all and figured it was just not too be and was slowly making my way back to the course, when a woman with a couple of small kids yelled over that I could take her spot.  I asked her if she was really sure and she said they were going to be in the park all day and still at Disney for a number of day and I could really take her spot.  I wish I got her name and information – so I could send her a thank you card.  I had a great little chat with Snow and then continued on my way towards the finish line.

2014 Dopey Full - Snow White and Dopey Snow

2014 Dopey Full – Snow White and Dopey Snow

I continued on and got my last character picture with Mushu.

2014 Dopey Full - Last Character of the Race - Mushu

2014 Dopey Full – Last Character of the Race – Mushu

As I passed Mexico – I really thought about stopping and getting a Margarita until I realized I had no form of payment on me.  I will have to rectify that for my next Walt Disney World Marathon.  As I started up the path in Future World towards the EPCOT ball, I remember looking at the ball from the other side 4 mornings earlier and could not believe I was almost done.  There was a guy that was not a cast member that was taking pictures for some of the runners – so I asked him for one also.

2014 Dopey Full - The Other Side of the EPCOT Ball

2014 Dopey Full – The Other Side of the EPCOT Ball

I stopped at the pin trading booth in EPCOT and made a trade for a Figment pin, and since I had a pin that did not get traded in Animal Kingdom I also traded for the Mickey thumbs up pin.

2014 Dopey Full - Bib with Pins

2014 Dopey Full – Bib with Pins

It was then onto the backstage area where the marker for mile 26 was.

2014 Dopey Full - Almost Done

2014 Dopey Full – Almost Done

And there is the finish line.  I ran over and got a high five from Goofy before crossing the finish line.

2014 Dopey Full - The Fnish Line with Goofy

2014 Dopey Full – The Fnish Line with Goofy

I got my marathon medal and then went towards the area for the special medals. They checked my wrist bands and put the Goofy Medal around my neck – the last medal to go around my neck was the Dopey.  I did it.

2014 Dopey Full - Mickey, Goofy, and of course Dopey

2014 Dopey Full – Mickey, Goofy, and of course Dopey

I went into the race retreat tent for some breakfast (or lunch?) and to re-connect with Leslie.   I then headed back to the resort to take an ice bath and change while Leslie hung out with some friends and then went into EPCOT.

When I got back to EPCOT – we took pictures with our medals, and in true Dopey fashion – I walked the World Showcase again since 26 plus miles in one day is just not enough (and dinner was in Japan at the other end of the Showcase).

I am proud to say that I am indeed Dopey.