The Dream That You Wish…

So the other day I added the Cinderella song “A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes” and that has always been one of my favorite songs. I don’t remember how old I was when I first saw Cinderella but I have always been a dreamer. People in my life did quite a bit to stomp on my dreams but some encouraged them.  Dreams are interesting creatures. What makes us dream what we dream? As little kids we have experiences and those experiences have an affect on our dreams. They make us want to be teachers, cops, firemen, or as in my case… a truck driver. You heard me right, I wanted to be a truck driver. As I grew up my parents would take me on a variety of road trips. The first I remember was the trip from our home in Florida to Louisiana to pick up my newly adopted baby brother. My parents took my older brother and I out of school so that as a family we could make the trip. This would be the first of many road trips we would make. We drove from Florida to Michigan, when we moved to Massachusetts we drove. When we moved back to Florida we drove. At 16 several of my best friends and I hopped in a Volkswagen Van and drove from Boston to Chicago and back for a fun trip. In the process I realized I loved being on the road so being a truck driver seemed logical, however, everyone I told this treated me like I was crazy and so I slowly let go of the dream.

That did not change the fact that I love to travel. I love experiencing new places and learning about new areas (we won’t even get into eating new foods yet). Growing up in Florida I learned about American History from the Floridian perspective. When at 12 I moved to Boston the History was so much more extensive. I learned about Lexington and the Shot Heard Around the World. I learned about the Battle of Concord. I saw the gravesites of the founders of our country. At 25 I visited Louisiana and realized their History is newer. When I moved to Seattle I loved learning about the Natives that lived here for decades, nearly a century, while the White Men conquered the East. It makes me giggle to see stores that have signs that they were “Established in 1920”, this is so NEW compared to the houses I visited that were 200-300 years old in New England. America is such a diverse nation. We have so much we could learn from each other. I want to learn it all.

To do this you need to actually go there. Reading about it is one thing but going there you get to see things from a whole different perspective. I want to walk where the people that made this country walked. Bill and I both have a passion to travel so we bought an RV and we are going to start living out our dream.

I hope you will come along for our journey, hope to see you on the road someday.

The RV Lifestyle… the constant learning experience

So I know I have some catching up to do and I will catch you up but for now I have to start somewhere:

So Bill has 2 more weeks of work till we get to officially head out. Today I was working around the RV continuing to get things settled and I knew I had to do some laundry. Well our Washer has specific instructions that you only run it if you have your grey sewer line open. For all the lovelys that have no idea what this means I will explain.

In an RV you have 2 types of sewer. You have the Grey Sewer and a Black Sewer (a.k.a. Grey and Black Tanks). If you use your imagination you can probably figure it out but for those that need more info here you go. The grey sewer is were water from your shower, sinks, dishwasher (if you have one) and washing machine drains into. The Black Sewer is where your toilet runs into, makes it pretty easy to remember.

So Bill was at work and yesterday I had run to the camping store and picked up an extension sewer hose since we only had a 15-foot and our sewer drain is about 25 feet away. We had known we would need an extension but hadn’t yet picked one up. So now we needed it. In addition to an extension hose I also got new couplings to attach the hoses to the outlet. They are so shiny and pretty… for now… LOL

This is my Sewer Hose

Bill has been the one to drain the tanks when they needed draining but I made sure I watched and knew what to do, many people feel this is a “Man’s Job”. I don’t believe anything is just a “Man’s Job” and so I intend to learn everything to do with the RV (even if I hope Bill will do it more often than not). I decided today was the day to do laundry. This means I have to go out and put new couplings on our old hose and attach the new hose to it as well. I was a little intimidated. If you do this wrong you can dump raw sewage on the ground and I know I do not plan to share my raw sewage with others… gack! Overall it is a very simple process. You hook the hose to the outlet, run the hose over and put the adapter into the sewer drain. You then open the pathway for your Black Tank allowing the contents to run out into the sewer drain. After a few minutes you close the pathway and open the pathway to the Grey Tank. Some of you may be wondering why you have to do it in this order… well remember all this sewage is running through a hose that you are going to have to unattach and put back in your rig… the Grey tank is MUCH cleaner than the Black and so it helps rinse the hose for you. They do make connections for the hoses that will rinse the hose for you as well but using the Grey tank usually suffices.

I drained both tanks and am now off to load up the laundry. I love learning new things and so today was a learning experience for me. Wonder what new things I will learn tomorrow. Grin… RV lifestyle… the constant learning experience.